Low cost 3D wood carving machine

Nowadays, 3d wood carving machine is widely used in lots of field. With a large demand, suppliers are increasingly, therefore, in China there has been a wide range of machine types, quality and price, more and more customers don’t know how to choose the best wood machine, they are very confused.


Low cost not only refer to the cheapest price, but it means this carving machine can suitable for you, can do your job well, with the moderate price and high quality, ensure that customers order the machine can get the max profit.


Do you know how to choose the best machine and get it from China? What is the best machine? Only cheapest price? No. High quality and high price? Also no.


Today Morn group will show you the suitable model and introduce the details information of this 3D wood carving machine.


Standard 3d wood carving machine MT-C25B

1.Applications of tool change spindle motor :



1). Furniture: plate, office furniture, doors, cabinets.


2). Wood products: speakers, games cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines, musical instruments.


3). Board processing: insulation, plastic chemical components, PCB, car body, bowling track, ABS, PP, PE, etc.


4). Decoration: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, plastic and soft metals such as copper and aluminum.

3D wood sample photos:


  1. We can provide all kinds wood carving machine of different size model to meet customer requirements.

Such as MT-C1530(work size:3000*1500*200mm),


MT-C2030(work size 3000*2000*200mm),

MT-C2040(work size 4000*2000*200mm) etc.



Customers can according to your materials size to choose the suitable machine size, we also can customize for you.


  1. Before order the machine, you can compare the machines and companies from several aspects. In order to choose which one is more suitable for you and decide to buy.
  2. Main machine parts

Different parts with different price, quality is important, you should ask for the specific machine parts to compare and choose the better one.

  1. Company history

You should look at the credibility of the company, and long history, and the development situation. Long company if also can develop well now,it can improve the company is good. It is better than new company, include credibility, experience and service etc.

  1. Quality control system and Certificate

It is also the important indicator, it can prove the strength of the company and the machine quality.


  1. Good service

#.1 year warranty for whole machine.

#. 6 months warranty for spindle.

#. CE FDA ISO Certificate.

#. 24 hours Professional Technical Person service for you.

#. Free training


  1. Price

Price is important, but the quality accounts for much more.

Many customers want to buy the cheapest machine, but after buy, they will find the trouble of machine, quality is bad, service is bad and other problem, and they will find the suppliers, but have no any response from suppliers. So when choose the machine, should find the value of the machine. Don’t choose the cheapest and highest, should choose the moderate price with high quality machine.

  1. Package & Shipping

With strong plywood case can ensure the machine safety when shipping.



Above is the main standards of choose the 3d wood carving machine, hope it can give you some suggestions when you choose the machine.

We produce and export all kinds of laser machine and cnc router for 8 years.

Morn group will provide the best machine for you. We look for customers from all over the world, welcome, we will try our best to help you.

Reference: http://www.morntech.com 


Why you choose wood cnc router

With the development of wood door manufacturing industry, more and more people will choose the wood cnc router  to improve the production efficiency.

In order to enable customers to know about the machine better, here I introduce this hot-sell model for you.

  1. Widely used in various Industry:

#.Wooden door and furniture decoration industry:
Solid wood door, compound door, cupboard door, large area plank plane carving, wood carve designs, board type furniture engraving,archaise annatto furniture engraving, solid wood art mural engraving and so on.

#.Wooden crafts processing:
Clock frame, picture frame, calligraphy plaque, electrical counter face, sports equipment, thin aluminum board cutting and engrving.

#.Electronic product industry:
Circuit board, insulation materials, the LED display, home appliance (color TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators) shell or model engraving and cutting.

#.Instrument industry:
Engraving instruments 3D surface, appearance cutting, such as cello, violin panel and head, guitar, erhu 3D surface engraving and cutting.

#.Other industries:
The building model, the block, aviation block, propellers, car foam mold.

  1. Machine features:

Particular style, competent for elaborate engraving and cutting.

Structure: cabinet, convenient, durable

Speed: quicker, 2-3 times faster than normal one.
Design: human, easy operation
Powerful: adapt for many fields.
Economic: high quality with reasonable price, economic.


#.The idle speed is up to 20-25 meters/min, engraving speed is 20 meters/min.

#.Adopting advanced DSP system, operated with the handle, convenient operation, designed with more human nature.

#. Unique intelligent budget principle, fully develops the potential of the motor and lead to high processing speed, the synchronization of curves and stright lines,smoother curves.

#.Y axis adopts double motors to drive

#. High strength steel tube jointing

#.It divided into 6 vacuum table board

#.With dust collect and vacuum table

#.MT-C25S equipped with 2 different spindles which work separately, two blade auto change.

#.More models optional MT-C1530, MT-C2030 etc.

4.After-sale service

#.All of our machines warranty for one year, and spindle for 6months. We will offer good parts for free if your parts are broken during warranty. which was not caused by artificial.

#.Our technican can offer free training in our workshop.

#.Our technican can go to your place and offering service if you want.

#. We are no holiday and vacations for your after-sale problems.

#.24 hours online


5.Why you choose us?

#.1 year warranty for whole machine.

#. 6 months warranty for spindle.

#. CE FDA ISO Certificate.

#. 24 hours Professional Technical Person service for you.

Wood cnc router is the best choice for customers

Our wood cnc  router  is very popular model machine,and we always offer our agent a big discount,if you

also want to be MORN agent,let me know,we could talk further step. Wish we could be good partner,and old friend.

If you are a dealer,kindly let me know,we will offer you whole service. Included all machine question,and about import,shipping,and after

sales service etc.

We have own factory,and more than 10 years experience engineer,professional R&D department, responsible after sales service team.

Finally,Hope our machine could transfer you and your family happiness,positive energy,and bring you profits.

If you are interested in this machine,do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer you best service and quality machine.

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Suggestions when you buy an ATC wood carving machine

We are a direct manufacturer of cnc router machines; a lot of customers have some questions when choosing a cnc machine. CNC router machine are different, from functions, we have basic models, and multi-functional machines. From equipment, we have machines with vacuum table, someone with T-slot table; From machine working heads, someone with tool changer, and some machines with only one head. Here we would like to introduce our ATC wood carving machine specially.


ATC cnc machine equipment:

Heavy gantry, gantry movement

1300*2500mm/2000*3000mm (optional)

Italy HSD6.0KW air cooling spindle (optional)

Japan Yaskawa servo motor

8 zones vacuum table +T slot

5.5KW water vacuum pump (optional)

Taiwan TBI square orbit

Atomization cooling system

Helical rack gear, high precision ball screw

Taiwan Syntec control system (optional)

3.0KW dust collector

CNC router machine CE certificate


All the equipment can be chose according to customers needs, different equipment for different prices~

Applicable industries:

Furniture industry,wooden door industry, art and craft industry, stairs industry, wooden screen industry, shoe-cleaning machine industry and a lot of other industries.

Advantages of the auto tool changer machine: 

Work automatic, fast tool changes, professional ATC control system, do different jobs at one time without changing tools manually.

CE certificate for cnc router machine:


If you need more information and suggestions when you want to buy cnc router, pls contact us directly without any hesitation;you are warmly welcomed to our factory to get 7 days free training in our workshop, local after-service is also available to our technicians. This is a professional machine, and need professional worker to operate it, then it could make perfect works.


(From : www.morntech.com

Cheap ATC cnc router machine

ATC wood cnc routerhttp://www.morntech.com/CNC-router/wood-CNC-router-machine.html ) is widely used in wood works, such as wooden door, furniture,cabinet and other 3D works.


This model electric parts and machinery parts adopt world top famous brand productions. Include Japan servo motor and convert system, Italy spindles etc. Vacuum table with high vacuum capacity,adsorb different sizes materials. Intelligent function avoids machine breaking once design files size bigger than work size. SYNTEC controller can finish multi layers 3D work processing automatically. It supports offline work.
This model has wood cnc router MT-C1530H/MT-C2030H/MT-C2040H different work size for optional.

MT-CM30 with multi funtion include sawing,drilling, cutting and engraving function etc. Umbrella-type auto tool change 8 tools.

2.Woodworking CNC router Application

Furniture:wood, kitchen,office,solid wood,chairs,tables,windows,door etc. Wood productions:speakers,game cabinets,pc table, instruments etc. Board processing: PCB, plastic,stairs,compact grade laminate,ABS, PP etc carbon mixtures. Decorate:Acrylic,PVC,MDF,artificial stone,Plexiglas,plastic and copper aluminum etc metal materials engraving and cutting work. Strong machine structure,specially used for heavy stone.
Adopt Taiwan linear guide rail and gear rack guide,higher precision. Anti-dust oiling structure guaranteed the long time running. With break point or break knife continue work funtion. High compatibility with CAD/CAM software such as TYPE3/ARTCUT/ARTCAM/CASTMATE/CORELDRAW etc.

3.Features of tool change spindle motor :

1) Automatic Tool Change with linear Tool magazine with 8 position

2) 9.0KW HSD Spindle from Italy

3) HighperformanceYASKAWA Servo system from Japan

4) 35 mm HIWIN Linear Guide from Taiwan

5) Standard Automatic Tool Calibration

6) Syntec controller system from Taiwan


4.Technical parameters of tool change spindle motor :

Firstly, it is better for you to tell us your demand details as following:5.What do we do for customer

1)What is your materials name by wood CNC router?

2)What is your materials size or dimension?

3)What do you want to do on your materials?
Secondly, it is better to send us your materials or we will make an effort to look for materials same as yours, then we do a sample and test for you. Pictures or videos taken for your reference after that.


Thirdly, our team will supply best professional solutions, then quote you with suitable configurations and reasonable price. Machine color is up to you.


 5.After-sale service

1.24 hour technical support by email, calling or skype

2.Use-friendly english manual and vedio for machine using and maintaining.

3.Our machines obtain CE and ISO9001 certificate.

4.All of our machines warranty for one year, and spindle for 6months. We will offer good parts for free if your parts are broken during warranty. which was not caused by artificial.

5.Our technican can offer free training in our workshop.

6.Following wood samples for your reference

wood cnc router sample

The best choice of wood carving machine for furniture

Wood carving cnc router is computer controlled engraving or cutting machine. They are more and more widely used inwood works, such as woo door, furniture, kitchen ware and some other woodcutting and 3D engraving works.
With a wood cnc router you will able togreatly expand the capabilities of your shop or factory, reduce labor hours, improveefficiency and become more competitive in your market. The question is: what is the best choice if I want to buy onewood carving machine for furniture?
In fact, the cnc router machine with ATC isthe best choice. Here we share you one machine model for wood works.
# 5.5 KW Water cooling spindle (air cooling spindle is also optional)
# LNC control system
# Vacuum and T-slot combined table
# X.Y oblique gear rack, Z. Ball screw
# Water type vacuum pump
# Japan YASKAWA servo motor
#Taiwan TBI square orbit
# With double bag dust collector
# 6 tools vertical auto-change function
# With Artcut software

Please be assured of our machine quality, since all of our parts are original, included Taiwan TBI square orbit, Japan YASKAWA servo motor, Delta inverter etc. All of our machines are tested and meets European standard, we also have CE certificate for all of our cnc router machines.

Following are some wood carving samples for your reference:

Recommend Links : http://www.morntech.com/customized-cnc-router/big-size-atc-wood-carving-machine-for-furniture.html

How A Hobby Laser Cutter Can Dramatically Change How You Design And Create

If you’re a hobbyist that builds models or a small business owner creating memorabilia and souvenirs, a hobby laser cutter is just what you need to give your business that much needed boost. Gone are the days when building parts or carving out a souvenir meant long hours with unwieldy tools and sweaty brows. These days, laser cutters do most of those intricate jobs and much more in a fraction of the time it used to take previously. Carving a small statue out of a piece of wood? No problem. Throw a block in the laser cutter (you can find desktop hobby lasers for sale at Epilog, Universal, Trotec, Gravograph, Camfive, Full Spectrum, or www.morntech.com to name a few) and watch it cut the design you have ready on a computer. Now here are some important things you should know and look for when you buy your first laser cutter.

Find the right combination of price and utility.

The truth is, a hobby laser cutter involves considerable investment and a fair degree of expertise to maintain and operate. This is why you need to be doubly sure about what you will be doing with your hobby laser cutter when you buy it. A 40 Watt laser cutter should be fine for most modeling jobs. A 50 to 60 watt laser is definitely better for speed and cutting power, but will be a fair bit more expensive than 40W due to the fact that 50W  is has almost double the cutting power.   A big factor is what materials you will be cutting with it and how often you think you will be using it.  But, at the same time don’t short change yourself,  what you NEED now changes as you realize the almost endless possibilities as to what you can design create.

The size of the engraving area matters.

This is where you cut, and the size of the engraving area defines what you can cut and the size of the models/parts you can create. Most cutters have a material area that is more than their cutting area, but this is only relevant if you plan on etching photographs or designs into blocks of wood or plastic with a frame around them. The laserable work area is what you need to be looking at if you’re more into building parts or models. This differs among various brands and it is a wise decision to get a hobby laser cutter with the maximum engraving area if the price is right for you. A 14″ x 15″ engraving space usually works great for most hobbyists.

The right software is a must.

When it comes to laser cutting, having the right software matters as much as your ability to visualize the end result. The software is what communicates with your hobby laser cutter and the design software you are working on. Having a trustworthy and capable USB controller like LaserCut 5.3 is essential if you want to churn out good quality models with perfect dimensions and finish. If a brand is bundling it along with your cutter. It’s a great choice.

The CO2 Laser tube and what you need to know about it.

This is virtually the heart of your hobby laser cutter. It’s the edge of the knife, the place where everything gets done. Most hobby lasers have CO2 laser tubes and their power is stated in watts. Now more wattage is definitely better, but the quality and make of the laser tube is more important. Since it’s the part that does most of the work in your laser cutter, it’s also the one that wears out fastest. Choose a laser cutter that has the sturdiest CO2 laser and you will be cutting with a peaceful mind for a long time. Lasers with higher wattage also let you cut thicker and denser material and they generally cut with more precision than lasers of lower wattage.

Rotary attachments are great.

Rotary attachments are roller type add-on’s that let you engrave or cut designs into cylindrical objects like wine bottles, aluminum cylinders etc. They rotate the cylindrical blocks on a horizontal axis and let the laser etch as the they’re being rotated.These are not standard on most laser engravers and are mostly offered as an add-on. This is highly essential if you’re planning on engraving cylindrical objects and ones that need to be turned in order to etch correctly.

Focus lens for the laser.

Lasers are simply light, which means they can be focused for better results. In a hobby laser cutter, focus lens of different focal lengths come as add-on’s. They’re usually classified in inches and all of them serve different purposes. A lens with lesser focal length can be used to cut thin materials whereas a medium and higher focal length lens may be used to cut thicker material with more sharpness of finish. Ultimately having a set of focus lens is essential for a hobbyist that works with different materials and towards various purposes.

Why the air compressor in a hobby laser cutter is important.

An air compressor helps blow away tiny particles that result from cutting and generally keep the temperatures cool in the cutting area. This prevents fires while cutting plastic materials and wicks away toxic fumes before they can do any harm. They usually add to engraving and cutting quality because there is no more particulate matter interfering with the cutting process. Air compressors are also used to drive and circulate water to the laser and keep it from overheating.

The importance of having a photo engraving tool.

So you have a brand new hobby laser cutter and you’re raring to etch some photographs into a block of material. Having a software tool like Photograv is definitely essential to be able to etch or engrave photographs into solid material. This software gives you many parameters to control the etching process and this results in great looking engraving that is of the finest quality. Buying software like Photograv is essential if your cutting mostly involves etching photographs onto solid objects.

What a Hobby Laser cutter can do.

When it comes to a hobby laser cutter, it’s simply a tool that can make your creation process faster, more efficient and precise. Instead of spending long hours chipping away at materials or hiring a CNC machinist to convert your designs into solid objects, you can simply design whatever you want on your computer and cut it on a block of material of your choice. It’s as simple as that. With obvious limitations in the size of models and material they can cut, hobby lasers still are a great choice for hobbyists and small business owners who want a machine that can build their models in the fastest time possible and at the lowest costs imaginable.


Don’t buy any hobby laser before reading this

hobby laserIf you’re looking for a hobby laser cutter or engraver then you’ll want to read these money and headache saving tips first.
I’ve been down the hobby laser road a few times on both the importing and recently purchasing domestic. What may seem straight forward and clear can be surprising to say the least.
I am not about to beat up any company specifically but, if you heed this advice I’ve experienced and picked up from others along the way you should save yourself some trouble for sure.
Top 10 Hobby Laser Buying Tips:

Review the laser company first then their machines. Work with companies at least 1 year old
Typically hobby lasers priced under $2,500 will make you wish you spent more later
Dont import any hobby laser…or any laser machine for that matter on your own
Only buy a hobby laser on Ebay if you’re single or wanting to learn Chinese.
Dont build your own ‘DIY’ hobby laser
Before buying a hobby laser first call the company and talk to their support tech’s
Ask how the company KNOWS how much wattage is in their laser tubes
Don’t buy from a company with either no 3rd party reviews or frequent angry reviews
Dont buy a hobby machine platform less than a 12″ x 12″ engraving area
Ask the company about a competitor. If they put them down – move on.

co2 laser cutting machine of soft tissue

co2 laser cutting machine of three effects.Temperature effect: co2 laser cutting machine of soft tissue mainly in order to achieve the effect. If its laser energy strikes the water molecules, the water molecules can become excited state with high-speed kinetic energy, the kinetic energy of a fluid can achieve good results in tissue cutting, that is the use of water molecules as the cutting of media organizations. Water molecules can easily absorb the laser energy at this wavelength, but it does not destroy the structure of water molecules bond.

Mechanical effects: ability co2 laser cutting machine hard tissue is not from the temperature effect, but by the energy of evaporation of the water in the tissue, resulting in increased pressure within the tissue, until it does not reach the melting point of the hard tissue causing tissue breakdown, this phenomenon is termed special micro outbreak, and temperature effects are not directly related.

Hydrodynamic effects: Laser engraver for sale for example, the latest erbium chromium YSGG laser, mainly for laser excitation of water molecules to produce high-speed power hydrodynamics. After the tissue to absorb the laser energy the temperature rises, when the temperature of tissues does not produce changes in the 370C to 600C when, once the solidification starts exceeds 600C, the effect of hemostasis can be achieved, when the temperature exceeds 1000C, the water will be evaporated between cells, the rest will be carbonized tissue dehydration exceeds 2000C or more.

co2 laser cutting machine technology has brought a new era

With the advancement of technology and people’s quality of life in the pursuit, the traditional cutting process has been far unable to meet the needs of the product. Since the advent of co2 laser cutting machine machine, with its cutting seam fine, smooth cutting surface, cutting speed, heat distortion and other significant advantages rapidly replacing the traditional small craft. metal laser cutting machine cutting process is fully automatic computer programming contactless cutting, do not pollute the material, and the cutting efficiency is far from the traditional cutting machine can not match. co2 laser cutting machine machine.

Energy light, mechanical, electrical, integrated design, in the form of laser light into a concentrated beam of high-density delivered to the work surface, thereby generating heat to melt the material, combined with the direct beam coaxial with the high-pressure gas removing the molten metal separated, so whether it is the same material or dissimilar material cutting cutting, you can achieve co2 laser engraving machine the perfect cutting results. co2 laser cutting machine machine at this stage has been widely used in the machining, electronics manufacturing, molding, as well as advertising, crafts and other industries, and received unanimous recognition and acceptance.

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Our wood router machine intelligence program greatly improves the efficiency of the work of carving

After carving wood CNC router machine, but also the need for secondary processing it.Recently, some aspects of wood router machine after a friend asked engraved finish, you need to manually re-carved it In fact, most of the work router machine enough to solve their own, but there are some subsequent work really get people to participate, which is finishing work.

Our wood router machine intelligence program greatly improves the efficiency of the work of carving, router machine, but there are also blind corners, for some post-processes such as: color, polish, etc. to die, but the whole of the carving is no problem, and now carving increasingly high degree of precision machine, programmed to grayscale set, complete router machine can work throughout the entire, without human intervention and then a second re-carving, but to the product color, polished flute angle still need a little artificial participation, the workload is not large, just a little with it can get.

Wood CNC router machine fast carving tips

First, before we start work, we should be careful to check the spelling of text engraved items section. If possible, print it out and work with customers to confirm.

Second, protection carvings: CNC router machine process, carved objects often misplaced, we often distressed to have to say that their goods to customers in the process of carving was damaged.

Wood cutting cnc router machine MT-C25B

This woodworking machine is economical type which with whole steel structure.

a.Adopting advanced DSP system, easy to learn and operate.

b.Y spindle adopts double motors to drive

c.High strength steel tube jointing.

d.It divided into 6 vacuum table-board.

e.With dust collect and vacuum table .

Third, in order to avoid these problems, we can try the following:

1. Check the selected engraving pliers or chuck if the wrong At the same time, the wear of wood CNC router machine pliers or chuck will cause dislocation carved objects. Pliers or chuck if too tight contact with the head can also cause instant carvings carved material is ejected.

2. For those irregular shaped objects were carved on the surface seems to have been fixed very tight, and when subjected to under pressure will sway back and forth. At this point, you can try some of the waste in an object beneath the pad to increase friction. The other is to retain the article comes packaging, although objects are irregularly shaped, but its packaging may be brought very regular, and easy to be fixed, together with a small straps, very irregularly shaped objects easy to be fixed. Try tool holder or its rules of the site, and give up its irregular site.

How to wood carving cnc router machine dust!

How do the router machine to dust, what kind of measures The following is an router machine dust control measures:
1. fundamentally eliminate dust pollution on the comprehensive management of the route to go, starting from production equipment, use of advanced machinery and equipment and reasonable, supplemented by some dust, dust measure. However, under current conditions, the most effective measure or choose dedusting equipment. Select dedusting equipment operation to consider the nature of the site and the required degree of purification of dust and so on.

2. Another operation workers to wear protective glasses and a dust mask to protect the eyes and the respiratory organs, especially on workers to produce a fine type of wood dust the machine operator should wear large masks to prevent dust damage.

3. It is worth noting that currently do not have a large vacuum equipment manufacturers, can be a stand-alone machine itself additional dust extraction and collection devices, can also play a good effect.

For security reasons, operating workers to wear protective glasses and a dust mask to protect the eyes and the respiratory organs, especially on workers to produce a fine type of wood dust the machine operator should wear large masks to prevent dust damage.

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Wood CNC router machine engraving dislocation occurs is what causes it












Wood CNC router machine engraving reason dislocation.Wood CNC router machine engraving dislocation occurs is what causes it. Today to share with everyone together.

1, because the body itself: a component on the CNC router machine in question, or a little loose, there is a surface impurities will also be misplaced imagination as loose coupling, the bad, all will appear misplaced. rail, the fuel is not cleaned screw time dislocation occurs.

2, the drive causes: the drive itself or the electronic components inside the structure in question also will cause dislocation, the reason is that most, if not many times that occurred, and to put a low speed, sometimes normal. this shows that the carving was not completely broken drive, if it is a start carving on the dislocation has described the drive is completely broken, which can repair or worse drive.

Wood cutting cnc router machine MT-C25B

This woodworking machine is economical type which with whole steel structure.

a.Adopting advanced DSP system, easy to learn and operate.

b.Y spindle adopts double motors to drive

c.High strength steel tube jointing.

d.It divided into 6 vacuum table-board.

e.With dust collect and vacuum table .

3, because the interface board, motherboard, adapter plate: if the interface board, motherboard, adapter plate is broken, the machine is in the process of working in one direction or the three axes are not moving, so will result in carving dislocation.

Wood CNC router machine engraving limit phenomenon

Wood CNC router machine is widely applied, so that the production scale of enterprises has been expanded, engraving quality has been improved. Some new users just touch wood CNC router machine, carving some tips and do not understand the problem, to the production caused some impact. Here, I will explain the phenomenon of wood CNC router machine engraving limit

In the event of wood CNC router machine engraving limit phenomena should first analyze what causes the limit is Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong engraving machine equipment, mainly carved paths and settings. So, first check whether the path carved carving range exceeded ; secondly, the engraving machine software parameters set soft limit check both easy questions, you can simulate to test whether there is a fault sculpture, then carving carving avoid unnecessary failure.

We hope that through the introduction of new and old customers can bring help. If you encounter other problems in use, please call to tell us, we will try to resolve it. In this, I sincerely look forward to your visit.

How to solve the engraving machine malfunction alarm

We use them in the process, will encounter a variety of fault alarm wood carving cnc router machine malfunction is one of them overtravel alarm, indicating that the machine during operation has reached its limit for the position, please check the following steps:

1, the design of the graphic size is beyond the range of processing.

2. Check the motor shaft and screw machine cable is loose, if it does not, tighten the screws.
3, the machine and the computer is properly grounded.

4, the current coordinate value exceeds the soft limit value range.

Jinan MORN Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the high-tech development zone in Jinan city, north of China. Our company is the professional manufacturer and exporter of mechanical CNC router machine, laser machine and other relevant equipment.

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