Mechanical machining CNC machine tools analysis

With the rapid development of the global machinery manufacturing industry, numerical control technology in the field of mechanical processing more widely, typically associated with a variety of CNC machining equipment, numerical control machine tools from speaking alone, it can be divided into drilling and milling machining centers and milling machining key center turning center grinding centers, they are characterized by one-time business investment NPC, the machine takes up a large space, the magazine capacity of more processing time is short, high positioning accuracy, durability, reliability, product updates quickly, Basic fully enclosed structure, safety or. Now many industrialized countries in the world have been widely used in the production of CNC machine tools, today a country of production and the degree of application of CNC machine tools, has become the measure of a country’s level of industrialization and technological level of an important symbol. In addition, there are some simple CNC machine tools, such as CNC drilling CNC lathe CNC milling CNC grinding machines and other home this category. Such numerical control machine tools, also known as economic NC machine tools, which are characterized by cheap economical and practical, low-cost one-time business inputs, high positioning accuracy, processing costs less. Situation before the domestic use of CNC machine tools CNC machine tools in the early years of our country has set off a boom in the development of CNC machine tools, but at the time of the control system is mainly used discrete electronic components, unstable, unreliable and can not be stably and reliably used in production . In the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on the Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute has developed economical CNC system and full function numerical control systems, aerospace unit developed CNC system. At present, China has been able to supply the eve of mass production type numerical control systems, can basically meet the production needs of the country Machine Tool Plant, has made people step of CNC production start of a new stage of development, reached the international advanced level in the early eighties. The use of CNC machine tools to meet the needs outlined the development of new technologies to keep up with the pulse of market development, I also have been introduced from abroad a number of CNC machine tools, foreign production of large CNC machining centers, quality is better than homemade, and domestic small economical CNC, its quality than much less abroad, the price is much better than the foreign machine.

co2 laser cutting machine ceramic substrate processing application

To the ceramic substrate is divided into separate sections, you can use laser marking machine carved (drilling) series of local (not through) high tolerance holes. About a third of these holes deep substrate to produce late ruptured fault line priority. Other techniques can also be processed passage slots on the substrate to determine the morphology and fine pattern.

Since conventional ceramic having an absorption characteristic, CO2 lasers have become the choice of laser. Pulsed CO2 laser beam energy is absorbed in the ceramic surface, resulting in local heating, melting and vaporization. Figure 2 showing a top view of an alumina 0.0045 inches crossed, indicating the use of a relatively long pulse period (about 75-300m, depending on thickness) under low energy in the Gaussian beam energy distribution in the edge, because partially melted due to the heat affected zone (HAZ).
Over the years, CO2 lasers to shift work a long time, in terms of gas and energy will consume a lot of resources, but also called for a maintenance plan. In addition, the typical pulse parameters used for this application means a sealed tube CO2 laser technology is not suitable. Overall, when after years of extensive improvements, CO2 lasers in terms of reliability and maintenance problems still located behind other technologies. During maintenance, the beam quality of these lasers is easy to change; the minimum spot size can be achieved also vulnerable to long-wave effect. Terms alone, ceramic laser beam absorption characteristics make this technology on the market segment for a long time.

laser cutting machine practice

To ensure reliable operation of laser cutting machine, extend equipment life, improve the quality of processed products, should strictly abide by the rules.
A laser cutting machine operating procedures
1, open the power supply switch, the output voltage is switched to the regulator mode, you can not use electricity.
2, turn on the machine power switch (□ ON).
3, connected to the machine control power supply (key switch).
4, until the system self-test is complete, the machine axes referenced.
5, start the chiller, check the temperature, pressure (normal pressure is 5bar).
The chiller power for 3 minutes, the compressor starts, the fan rotates and starts refrigeration cooling.
Note: Chiller heat sink to be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive dust affect work, distilled water tank replaced every four months, do not use tap water or purified water.
6, open the nitrogen bottle, oxygen bottle, check the cylinder pressure, start air compressor, cold and dry.
Note: air compressor, cold and dry filter must be drained every morning, outside the optical path of the lens side before blowing a filter must be checked at any time, without water or oil, or contaminated lenses. The need to improve the gas supply, so that compliance.
7, to be reduced to a set temperature chillers (set at 21 degrees), and then turn on the laser total power, open the low-pressure (white button).
8, when the laser panel appears the word “HV READY” when the high pressure.
9, when the laser operation panel appear the words “HV START”, the laser light is red, the upper right corner of CNC system previously displayed “LASER H-VOLTAGE NOT READY” alarm disappeared, indicating that high pressure is normal, the laser enters the standby state.
10, before cutting to confirm the material type, material thickness, material size.
Note: Check all the cutting head is very correct, cutting non-metallic materials must contact cutting head (plus non-metallic detection rings).
11, adjustment plate, so that the edge of the machine parallel to the X and Y axes and to avoid cutting head outside the working range of the plate.
12, the Z axis to cut from the starting point, the simulation program to be executed to ensure that does not appear to exceed the soft limit alerts, enter edit mode, adjust the power, speed, punching time depending on the material type and thickness.
13, to cutting carbon steel plate, choose oxygen in manual mode, adjust the barometer to cut the desired pressure value. Then check the focus position, the coaxial checking procedures to ensure that the laser beam passes through the nozzle center, Z axis servo to the plate surface, adjust the nozzle from the board to determine the distance (adjustment potentiometer control box).
14, to be above the normal, in order to switch to the execution state, cutting the workpiece.
15, where there is the process of cutting dross, slag, or other abnormal conditions return, should be suspended immediately, identify the cause, the problem is solved and then continue cutting in order to avoid damage to the device.
16, the work is completed, shut down in the following order:
1) The Commissioner laser hypertension.
2) In the laser panel is closed low pressure.
3) Disconnect the laser power supply.
4) off the chiller.
5) Disconnect the machine control power supply (key switch), disconnect the machine power switch (OFF).
6) off cold and dry.
7) off the air compressor.
8) Turn off the nitrogen and oxygen valves.
17, disconnect the power supply.

Two CNC laser cutting machine safety operation (PRC laser)
1, should be checked before starting the gathering mirror, the mirror is clean, lasers, machine tools, pneumatic, water is smooth, leaks.
2, connected to the main power tools, power chillers, air compressors and dust blower power.
3, open the laser working gas CO2, N2, He and auxiliary gas O2 cylinder valve.
4, open the cold press, cold and dry.
5, the pressure of each gas is adjusted to an appropriate value.
6, connected to the machine control power supply, laser power (note open order).
7, start laser
Closing the “laser start” switch, vacuum pump → turbines work on the machine control panel (in this case the laser cavity system pressure is maintained at 100Torr, water flow should be maintained at 13 gallons / minute, laser lighting panels work light sequence Vacuum Pump On → Compressor On → until the laser panel appears “Hold”).
8, the light
“Power Conditioning” Turn the knob counterclockwise to the minimum, ON “high pressure start” switch and “electronic shutter” open light on the machine control panel. At this work lights “high start” lights, lasers into the cold start state, about 5 minutes to start the end of the cold laser, the laser into the normal state → “lasers normal” lights.
9, before using the laser beam and the nozzle inspection coaxial circumstances to protect the gathering mirror; adjusting the focus level according to the thickness of the sheet; adjust the “pulse frequency” in the form of “up time” and “duty cycle.”
10, start-up and use, note the following:
1) In the open shutter, in addition to the workpiece to be machined, the people and other objects should not be within the scope of the laser irradiation.
2) Do not leave the operator during operation.
3) Once the abnormal findings, immediately press the emergency stop switch.
4) Always check the cooling water temperature, flow and working gas pressure.
11, at the end, turn off the machine in the following order:
1) counterclockwise rotation adjustment function “power adjustment” knob to the minimum.
2) Turn off the “electronic shutter” switch.
3) Close the “high pressure start” switch.
4) Close the “laser start” switch.
5) the turbine stopped running open “Manual Backfill” button laser board.
Manual Backfill light red → Manual Backfill lights go out, backfilled end.
6) Turn off the laser power.
7) Turn off the machine power.
8) Turn off the power chillers, air compressor and refrigeration dryer power switch.
9) off the laser working gas CO2, N2, He, auxiliary gas O2.
10) Turn off the air compressor and refrigeration dryer.
11) clean site preparation and CNC machine tools.
Three bus safety rules
1. Check
1) Make sure the threaded connection between each original and reliable.
2) Make sure the system cylinder valve, globe valve (the valve hand wheel clockwise close, counterclockwise open), a pressure reducer are closed (regulator handle counterclockwise unscrewed).
2, open
1) followed by slowly open the cylinder valve on all cylinders, open all of the high-pressure valve. Confirm primary and secondary pressure relief valve in the closed
Closed state
2) adjusting the level of the left and right sides of the regulator output pressure P1, P2, so that P1 is greater than P2 0.05-0.1Mpa, such a system is to supply the left. Adjust the output pressure of the secondary pressure reducer P within 0.4Mpa range (that is, the system output pressure P, P2 is about 1.0-1.5Mpa)
3) When the left side of the exhaust gas cylinder, regulator output pressure on the left side becomes smaller, the system will automatically switch, turn the right side of bottled gas. In this case, the right of the output pressure adjusted to P1, in the replacement of the cylinder on the left side, the left side of the reduced output pressure adjusted to P2. The system can continuously supply. Although the primary regulator output pressure changes as the left and right sides of the cylinder will be continuously adjusted to, but because there is a secondary regulator for secondary pressure, the output pressure of the system remain the same, always P.
3, the replacement of cylinders
1) wear clean gloves, beware of grease, and other debris into the pipe pollution.
2) Turn off the side of the cylinder valve and cylinder valve.
3) Release the metal hose and cylinder valves threaded connections.
4) slightly open a new bottle of cylinders, cylinder valve mouth blowing dust, and then closes.
5) The high-pressure metal hose and cylinder connection, make sure that threaded connections are tight, secure.
6) Open the bottle valve, globe valve, standby, ready to take over the other side of the gas supply.

Four laser cutting machine specification
1. Laser
1) Make sure the laser power from the power supply of “regulated output” unavailable “mains” output.
2) ensure the quality of the laser gas.
3) When changing cylinders, first clean the lip, and then open the gas to blow off the debris inside the bottle mouth.
4) In order to ensure the cleanliness of CP lasers and laser PRC front window to replace ordinary compressed nitrogen as a protective gas. The use of high purity nitrogen (99.999%) as a protective gas ROFIN laser.
5) ensure that the cooling system is reliable and stable operation, the temperature, pressure, flow to meet the requirements of the laser, so as to ensure reliable and stable operation of the laser.
6) prohibits the operation of laser openings, to ensure safety.
7) is a laser built a small room, and the outside world, to ensure that dust, indoor installation of air conditioning, cooling and dehumidification, the ambient temperature and humidity to ensure that the four seasons below the dew point
8) open access lasers, ensure high-voltage power supply is disconnected and locked. Before contact charging device, make sure that the high pressure on the ground discharged.
9) According to the state of the laser gas consumption is set to increase gas consumption, can improve the laser quality, but increases operating costs.
10) regular observation of the cooling water flow, temperature and pressure, water temperature, laser discharge current, turbine sound.
11) regularly examine the laser.
2. Water-cooled machines
1) Make sure that the water-cooled machine stable power supply, phase sequence is correct.
2) Make sure the top of the water-cooled engine cooling fan unobstructed.
3) water-cooled machine outside temperature ≥5 ℃.
4) Daily clean up the dust on the heat sink.
5) ensure that the cooling water components meet the requirements.
6) Note that the water temperature is set with the laser, respectively.
7) weekly check the water level, water quality, pipeline.
8) changes in water quality and PH value, every 3-6 months to replace cooling water.
9) each quarter cleaned once a water filter cartridge, the filter is changed once a year (PRC).
3. Host
1) strictly in accordance with the sequence of operation on, off.
2) prohibit non-qualified personnel to operate and maintain the machine.
During 3) machine work, prohibited people and goods entering the table, to ensure human safety; the operator to focus, dangerous situation to press “stop” button as soon as possible.
4) adjust the machine light path, in follow-up mode adjustment of the cutting head must be in the correct sequence of operations to ensure human safety.
5) each boot, to return to the reference point, cleaning up focusing lens, collimated beam – coaxial nozzle, open cutting assist gas bottle pressure should not be less than 1Mpa.
6) checked once a week outside of the light path shielding gas, cold road cabinet, cooling water, air compressor, cold and dry, the water discharge filter.

CO2 laser cutting detailing electromechanical integration of key technologies

CO2 laser cutting several key technologies is optical, mechanical and electrical integration, integrated technology. Parameters, machine performance and precision CNC system with a laser beam directly affect the efficiency and quality of laser cutting. Especially for high cutting accuracy or greater thickness of the part, you must understand and resolve the following key technologies:
1, focus position control technology:
Laser cutting is one of the advantages of high energy density beam, typically> 10W / cm2. Since the energy density 4 / πd2 proportional, so the focus spot diameter as small as possible, so as to produce a narrow kerf; and focal depth is proportional to the focal spot diameter and also the lens. Focusing lens focal depth is smaller, the smaller the diameter of the focus spot. But cutting spatter lens from the lens workpiece too easily damaged, so the general high-power CO2 laser cutting is widely used in industrial applications 5〃 ~ 7.5〃 “(127 ~ 190mm) focal length. The actual focal spot diameter 0.1 ~ 0.4mm between. For high-quality cutting, the effective depth of focus and the lens diameter and also cut material concerning, for example by cutting carbon 5〃 lens, the focal depth is within the range of the focal length of + 2%, which is about 5mm. So the focus control with respect to the cut surface of the material is important to take into consideration the position of the cutting quality, cutting speed and other factors, in principle, “Metallic Materials 6mm, the focus is on the surface;> 6mm steel, and focus on the surface;> 6mm stainless steel focus specific size is determined by the experiments below the surface.
Simple method to determine the focus position in the industrial production of three ways:
(1) Print method: the cutting head from the top down movement in the plastic plate laser beam printer, print the smallest diameter of the focus.
(2) the swash plate method: a vertical axis at an angle of plastic plates pull it horizontally, looking for the smallest of the laser beam focus.
(3) Blue Spark method: remove the nozzle, blowing air, the pulsed laser in a stainless steel plate, the cutting head from the top down motion until the blue spark is maximum focus.
For light path cutting machine, since the beam divergence angle, cut the proximal and distal length of time the process is different, there are some differences to focus in front of the beam size. The larger the diameter of the incident beam, the smaller the diameter of the focus spot. In order to reduce the beam size changes due to changes brought about before the focus of the focus spot size, domestic and foreign manufacturers of laser cutting system provides some special means for users to choose:
(1) collimator. This is a commonly used method in which the output of CO2 laser tube plus a parallel light beam expander process, after the beam diameter of the beam expander becomes larger divergence angle becomes smaller, so that within the proximal and distal cutting operating range before focusing beam size close to the same.
(2) adding a separate lower shaft moving the lens in the cutting head, and control it from the material to the nozzle surface (standoff) of the Z-axis is two separate parts. When moving the machine table or the optical axis, the beam axis from proximal to distal F also move the beam diameter of the focused spot is consistent throughout the processing area. As the picture shows.
(3) controls the focus lens (usually metal reflector focusing system) of water pressure. If the focus before leaving the beam size smaller focus spot diameter becomes large kwt_8wt, automatic control of water pressure to change the focus of curvature of the focal spot diameter becomes smaller.
(4) increase x, y direction compensating optical system on the light path cutting machine. That shortens the compensating optical path when cutting the distal end of the optical path increases; conversely reduced when cutting the proximal end of the optical path when the compensating increase in the optical path, the optical path length in order to maintain consistency.

CNC router

Morn is new high-tech company which is specialized in R&D,Produce and Sell CNC machines.

Our products include CNC router machine, laser engraving and cutting machine,

laser marking machine, cutting plotter,etc.Now Rotary
Cylinder Engraving Series Machines is more popular among them.

Ok, let us offer you more details about Rotary Cylinder Engraving Series Machines.multi-spindles CNC machine

Performance and Features:
Body,head and tail seat all of these are cast iron structure with high rigidity.

The other assembly parts all adopt fine iron.All the castings aare tempered,
ensuring the size accuracy,material stability and the high anti-deformation

The CNC parts:
The machine adopts CNC module with high reliability.The programme is developed independently

by our company.In this way,it’s working stability,after-sale service and installation and deployment are secured.

The operation part:
Segment processing method and numerical control system,simple and
friendly operation interface, a full chinese characters hint and size directly to
the input of the simple method.

The main control programme:
Chinese programme and CNC programme.
The execution part: high accuracy servo motor drive,ensuring the accuracy of working size.
The feeding part: International machine tool slide and precise ball screw driving device.

V type mountain rail with high accuracy and high hardness,
strong bearing system,effectively control capacity of the linear error.

The power part:
This kind of machine adopts variable frequency speed regulation system,and can sole the

vibration problem of the wood by adjusting the rotational speed.
Applicable industries:
Rotary Cylinder Engraving Series Machines are widely used in wood cylinder products such

as buddha engraving ,furniture making,arts and crafts making,stair post making etc.

Morn’s operation objectives is Excellent quality,good faith,maximize user’s profit value.

Welcome to Morn.wood sample

Wood CNC router Machine   


As the main part of CNC router machine, wood CNC router machine was also called woodworking CNC router machine because it is professional for wood engraving, wood carving, wood cutting and widely used in wooden furniture, wooden doors, wooden musical tools industries. Besides wood job processing, wood CNC router machine is also widely used for other non metal materials and soft metal materials, etc, such as acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plastic, copper, aluminum,etc.


To meet the different requirements of different customers, Morn wood CNC router machine has lots of style for your options as well as different component, such as Italy HSD Spindle and Chinese high quality spindles, DSP controller and Nc stuidio, MACH3, NK2060, SYNTEC control systems, Japan Panasonic, Yaskawa servo drive system and Chinese stepper drive system and so on.


Jinan Morn Technology Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacture of CNC router machine for years, if you need to buy wood CNC router machine or need to know the wood CNC router machine price, pls no hesitate to contact with us. Morn is always your best choice.

Let us realize wood cnc router machine

  Wood cnc router machine is more popular in recent years. But lots of customers don’t know how to choose  the cnc router machine and don’t know about this machine,                                               so today I will introduce the wood cnc router machine to you.


I.Applicable industries:

Woodworking:Three-dimensional wave plate processing, milling engraving of cupboard door, craft wood door, paint-free door, screen and carft window.



1.Imported linear guide rail, double-side four ball slider, high loading capacity,smooth operation, high precision,  long lifetime. Imported ball screw,accurate engraving.

2.Optional spindles are imported NSK bearing, high speed water cooling spindle, 6KW air cooling spindleor  4.5KW water cooling spindle with stable performance.

3.Computer online NC STUDIO control system, unique intelligent forecasting algorithm. Fully elaborate the proficiency of motor, realize fast speed processing, twist and straight lines work at the same time and twist  lines are perfect.

4.Good software compatibility with Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Artcut etc.

5.Six zones vacuum table can absorb different sizes of boards.

6.Adopt high speed stepper motor and drive. Y axis adopts double motor drive,max, rapid travel rate  can reach 25m/min  and it can be increased with the vigorous cutting spindle.


We have all kinds of wood cnc router machine and many different size can meet customer’s requirements.  When you choose us, you can tell us your requirement is ok, we will recommend our most suitable model for you.


Morn group is your best choice.

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Click here to see wood cnc router machine working video:



What we should do if the spindle of CNC router does not move?

After a period of using CNC router machine, customers will meet some problems, for example, The spindle of CNC router machine does not move any more. In this situaton, we we should do ? and how to solve this problem and bring the machine come back to normal work ?

Lots of customers is exciting to get their own CNC router machine to operate. Sometimes there is not always happy to use it because not all the CNC router user are the engineer who can solve the problems easily.During the machine operating period, there will be appear this kind or that kind of problems. It will be really headache for fresh man. Here is a very popular problem maybe you just meet as we show above. Morn Engineer sunrise few possibilities that lead the spindle not move as well as the solving method based on the 13 years experience.


  1. The most simple way is to reinstall the computer program
    Before reinstall, all the working parameter have been download, or there will be appear of another problems of reset parameter.
  2. Check whether the driver is working or not.

You could open the control cabinet to judge it. when turn on the machine, it shows green lighting on the driver, it means working. if there is red lighting, then we could ensure the driver has problems, we need to change it.

  1. Check whether cable connect the spindle with the inverter is ok or not.

The inverter control the moving requency of the spindle. so if the cable is not connect the spindle and the inverter well, the spindle will stop move. Check it and connect it again, then ok

  1. Check the inner lead is welded well or not.
    Find a multimeter first and then check the Resistance at the Outlet core line place is exsitent or not. If there is no Resistance, please weld the inner lead again to ensure it could work smoothly.
  2. Check the cable between spindle and inverter is well or not.
    Find the multimeter first and check the Resistance on the two sides of the cable. If there is no Resistance, you need to change a new cable then ok.

Above is the five possibilty that may lead the spindle stop moving, as well as the solving methods. Hope Morn could help you someday.
Warm tips from Jinan Morn Technology Co.,Ltd

Before order a CNC router machine, please choice the experienced and mature company to avoid the small problems of machine. Order from the mature machine, your problems will be solved in time even if it happens.

Morn wish you could operate your machine well welcome to contact us if you need any help.


Right use fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is the latest generation of laser marking machine technology products, its fine marking effect is to let people amazing. Due to the fiber laser marking machine is more advanced, more efficient, better effect, so for now, more and more small and medium sized enterprises are gradually widely use the fiber laser marking machine for marking work.

Of course the fiber laser marking machine is a good equipment, but it is still should be used in correct operation to play its biggest role. In order to help you use the fiber laser marking machine better and let it to create more benefits, below Morntech will tell you the correct used method and main matters that need be attention when use machine.


  1. The fiber laser marking machine cannot be touched or collision beams when it is working, to avoid affecting the high precision and beautiful of marking.
  2. The focus and optical lens of fiber laser marking machine is very fragile, it must be handled with care to avoid the vibration and impact.
  3. We must immediately stop to maintain the machine working when the fiber laser marking machine failure occurs. And then we should solved it by professional staff for processing.
  4. The fiber laser marking machine cannot be used in the case of air cooling system is not normal. Because the temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the equipment life time.
  5. We should pay attention to the switch machine when we do the shutdown, we must process with the right current control command, and the electric current should be around 5 A.
  6. We should pay attention to the format of the tag when the fiber laser marking machine working, and the should noted that the marking content must not exceed the work space.
  7. Generally, we must always pay attention to keep indoor clean, and the equipment also need to be kept clean, dust free, the machine also cannot have dust attached to the above, or it will affect the marking effect.

Low cost 3D wood carving machine

Nowadays, 3d wood carving machine is widely used in lots of field. With a large demand, suppliers are increasingly, therefore, in China there has been a wide range of machine types, quality and price, more and more customers don’t know how to choose the best wood machine, they are very confused.


Low cost not only refer to the cheapest price, but it means this carving machine can suitable for you, can do your job well, with the moderate price and high quality, ensure that customers order the machine can get the max profit.


Do you know how to choose the best machine and get it from China? What is the best machine? Only cheapest price? No. High quality and high price? Also no.


Today Morn group will show you the suitable model and introduce the details information of this 3D wood carving machine.


Standard 3d wood carving machine MT-C25B

1.Applications of tool change spindle motor :



1). Furniture: plate, office furniture, doors, cabinets.


2). Wood products: speakers, games cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines, musical instruments.


3). Board processing: insulation, plastic chemical components, PCB, car body, bowling track, ABS, PP, PE, etc.


4). Decoration: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, plastic and soft metals such as copper and aluminum.

3D wood sample photos:


  1. We can provide all kinds wood carving machine of different size model to meet customer requirements.

Such as MT-C1530(work size:3000*1500*200mm),


MT-C2030(work size 3000*2000*200mm),

MT-C2040(work size 4000*2000*200mm) etc.



Customers can according to your materials size to choose the suitable machine size, we also can customize for you.


  1. Before order the machine, you can compare the machines and companies from several aspects. In order to choose which one is more suitable for you and decide to buy.
  2. Main machine parts

Different parts with different price, quality is important, you should ask for the specific machine parts to compare and choose the better one.

  1. Company history

You should look at the credibility of the company, and long history, and the development situation. Long company if also can develop well now,it can improve the company is good. It is better than new company, include credibility, experience and service etc.

  1. Quality control system and Certificate

It is also the important indicator, it can prove the strength of the company and the machine quality.


  1. Good service

#.1 year warranty for whole machine.

#. 6 months warranty for spindle.

#. CE FDA ISO Certificate.

#. 24 hours Professional Technical Person service for you.

#. Free training


  1. Price

Price is important, but the quality accounts for much more.

Many customers want to buy the cheapest machine, but after buy, they will find the trouble of machine, quality is bad, service is bad and other problem, and they will find the suppliers, but have no any response from suppliers. So when choose the machine, should find the value of the machine. Don’t choose the cheapest and highest, should choose the moderate price with high quality machine.

  1. Package & Shipping

With strong plywood case can ensure the machine safety when shipping.



Above is the main standards of choose the 3d wood carving machine, hope it can give you some suggestions when you choose the machine.

We produce and export all kinds of laser machine and cnc router for 8 years.

Morn group will provide the best machine for you. We look for customers from all over the world, welcome, we will try our best to help you.