Fiber laser cutting machine

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We provide extensive laser cutting solutions right for your manufacturing needs, regardless the type of metals, cutting times, technique and thickness you need to process. Sounds great? Chat with a member of our sales team to understand your application and specific needs. Finding each of our customers the most satisfied product is our first priority.

Full Enclosed Cutting Lasers

You will impress with top-notch laser cutting performance over the entire sheet thickness range, and double your production efficiency thanks to the auto loading system and dual pallet exchanger. Also a variety of intelligent functions and full cover provide you a safe and clean working environment.

supreme configuration | high precision | safe & pollution-free

Fiber Cutting Machine with Exchange Table

Empower your factory with the super efficient fiber laser cutting solution with exchange table. With the metal cutter, you can now cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass fast and efficiently.

rapid exchange | loading & unloading friendly

Sheet and Tube Cutting Lasers

Change instantly from sheet to tube without the need for additional setup or tooling. Use your time making products instead of making changeovers. It’s the ideal way to maximize your return on investment.

supreme cost-effectiveness | dual-use laser | space-saving

Sheet Cutting Lasers

Cutting and then unloading takes up valuable time and effort, automate this process with Morn Laser’s exchange table sheet laser cutter and become more efficient! With just an immediate switch, you will keep your production line flowing with no stop.

tailor-made machine | efficiency boost

Tube Cutting Lasers

Become a true expert in tube processing with Morn Laser tube cutter. It guarantees precision without sacrificing high productivity and flexibility when processing round, square, triangular, I-beam and other special shapes.

reliabilabe & robust machine | extremely short tailing

Economical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Get an economical fiber laser cutter with small investment, running at full speed but low cost. The durable and cost-saving fiber laser cutter is ideal for thin sheet metal materials for long-term business.

fly cutting | thin sheet cutting’s choice

Handheld Laser Welder

This welder empowers you to create permanent joints with toughness equivalent to the parent material. You will be pleasantly surprised with its dramatically faster welding speed and super productivity. Master metalwork in just a few hours.

Handheld Laser Welder

Pulse Cleaning Laser

Try this green, energy-saving and efficient laser cleaning machine to clean rusts, paints and coatings in a precise way. Clean targeted areas with unparalleled cleaning accuracy and efficiency. No damage to product substrate.

Pulse Cleaning Laser