Precision Fiber Cutting Machine 150W

precion laser cutting machine2
  • precion laser cutting machine2

Short Description:

* Positioning accuracy can reach +/- 0.01mm

* All aviation plugs are used, eliminating the tedious wiring installation, truly plug and play

* Special tooling customization to meet any thin plate fixing and avoid deformation


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150W Precision Cutting Application in Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

precion laser cutting machine2

‘600*600mm working area’

‘150w power’

‘Customized fixture’

‘Ultra-high positioning accuracy’

‘Use aviation plug, truly plug and play’

‘Marble countertop, more stable, to ensure accurate cutting and positioning accuracy’

Use aviation plug

Aviation plug and air switch. Eliminate the trouble of wiring, truly plug and play.

Customized fixture

Working area: 600*600mm. Raytools manual laser cutting head.

utomatic lubrication

Oil Injection System

Water and air connection

Pneumatic System

Customized fixture

Customized fixtures. Prevent the material from being uneven and deformed during the cutting process because it is too thin.


Handwheel. The material plate can be tightened to facilitate cutting.

name plate

Machine nameplate. Record important information of the machine to facilitate after-sales.


N L E wires

Aviation plug

Aviation plug used on chiller

control system

Computer control cabinet. Display, mouse, keyboard. DSP controller.

The Introduction Video of 150W Precision Fiber Cutting Machine

The Cutting Samples

precision laser cutting machine
presion laser cutting machine
brass laser cutting machine
stainless steel laser cutting machine

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