Oversale Service

MORNLASER Pre-Sales Service


  • Focus on Every Customer’s Need:

Tell your needs or confusions about laser machines and laser business, and we’ll put 100% effort to help you found the most suitable laser solution.

  • Free Consultation and Market Analysis:

Free consultation and laser market analysis are provided to help you start up laser business and get returns with MORN high quality and economical laser machines.

  • Customized Product Solutions and Technical Support:

Customized service can meet diverse needs, together with free drawings and free trial running. Lifetime technical support is offered for all each MORN laser product.

  • Business Cooperation:

Visits to our factory and office are always welcomed and you’ll experience a fast and efficient way to contact MORN laser machines and manufacturing technologies.

  • Professional Training, Longer Warranty and Lifetime Service:

Overseas installation service, online remote control and door-door safety training are offered. Longer warranty and lifetime service can make you feel more reassured.

MORNLASER Quality Control

MORN strictly controls the quality of each laser product to be really responsible for the safe work of every customer. To adhere to the quality and safety standard, each MORN product has to experience strict test procedures in the factory:
1.Machine Appearance:
Standard size, good spray and welding, clear circuit system assembly, and complete parts;
All machine parts and components will be pre-installed at the factory to remove the potential installation problems customers may come across.
3. Trial Running:
Trial running of laser machine is implemented by sample processing, in which processing speed and precision will be confirmed by customers. Also the machine runs smoothly and steadily, and the control system can accurately control the machine. Tested product that may not meet the expectation will be readjusted until they meet the requirements.
After the machine is tested successfully, the parts and components will be disassembled into the packing process. Protective film, wooden box and iron frame will be used to tightly pack the machine to avoid being crashed or damaged during transportation.

MORNLASER After-Sales Service

After sales service implementation steps
Customers contact us for any improper operation and machine fault by phones, emails or online communication methods.
Senior after sales technicians analyze the fault cause and reply targeted solutions in time, not more than 24 hours.
Maintenance manual, videos and pictures will be sent to customers to help debug the machine. And our technicians will monitor the debugging process constantly.
If the customer failed to repair the machine with offered solutions, our engineers and technicians are available for overseas door-to-door service to resolve the problems completely.
Regularly revisit each customer’s operation condition and file the machine information.
We can also provide independent after sales service and parts for your laser machine you bought from other suppliers. Just like what we do to help those “Need Help!” post writers. Besides, if you want to upgrade your laser machine or broaden business, free consultation and professional solution can be provided for you.
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