MORNLASER Laser Intelligent Equipment Drives The Development Of Aerospace Industry

Recently, MORN LASER intelligent equipment was once again recognized by a customer in the aerospace industry. The model that was selected this time is a high-power full cover metal laser cutting machine. This product focuses on high-power, high-precision, and high-efficiency, which caters to the needs of the aerospace industry.

The demand for high precision cutting technology in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is a typical industry with intensive knowledge and technology and high value-added output. Aircraft flying in the atmosphere or in space must be strictly controlled and their weight reduced as much as possible. This will impose harsh requirements on the design and manufacture of aircraft, as well as structural materials and electronic components. Therefore, the aerospace industry needs to adopt contemporary advanced scientific and technological achievements.

In the journey of the development of China’s aerospace industry, the laser smart equipment manufactured by MORN LASER is also fortunate to be one of these screws. Its high-precision cutting and welding technology fits the needs of the aerospace industry.

Application of laser intelligent equipment in the aerospace industry

In the manufacturing process of the aerospace industry, there are many parts that need to be cut and welded, including engine flame tube, engine casing, aircraft frame, tail wall panel, honeycomb structure, helicopter main rotor and other parts. The traditional cutting and welding process It is difficult to meet the high requirements of these components, so the high-precision process characteristics of laser equipment, as a result of contemporary advanced science and technology, are increasingly being applied to the production and manufacturing of the aerospace industry. Laser cutting and welding can process a series of high hardness, high melting point metal and non-metal special aviation materials, and also include aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, chromium alloy, stainless steel, beryllium oxide and other metal materials.


Product advantages of MORN LASER high-power series



High precision


Axial repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.025mm high-precision high-speed transmission system adopts imported high-speed servo drive motor, high-precision linear guide rail, narrow gear rack cut, small thermal deformation, high cutting accuracy


Environmental protection


Partitioned exhaust dust removal system effectively removes dust pollution during processing


high efficiency

Several times the efficiency of traditional processes

Can be designed by computer programming

Realize automatic cutting

Post time: Apr-30-2021
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