MORN LASER Rolls Out High-Performance Intelligent Tube Laser Cutting Equipment

Recently, MORN LASER grandly rolls out its laser tube cutting equipment(, and the latest sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing and other industry solutions.

Facing the era requirements and market orientation of “laser + intelligent manufacturing”, MORNLASER focuses on rolling out CNC laser pipe cutting machine( this time. This high-tech product integrating CNC technology, laser cutting and precision machinery is called “ The King Of Pipe Processing “.

The equipment is widely used in: fitness equipment, smart furniture, petroleum pipelines, bus manufacturing, engineering machinery, shelf containers, agricultural and forestry machinery, ladder guardrails, household appliances manufacturing, laser external processing services and other machinery manufacturing pipe processing industries, which can complete cutting of rectangular pipes, round pipes, oval pipes, OB pipes, angle irons, channel steel and other metal pipe fittings and profiles.

Advantages: CNC Laser Metal Pipe Cutting Machine

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l Convenient feeding method: automatic feeding or semi-automatic feeding can be selected, high precision, high speed and high efficiency

l Advanced chuck clamping system: the chuck automatically adjusts the center of gravity, and the clamping force is automatically controlled to avoid damage to the thin tube clamping

l Ergonomics design: design from the perspective of ergonomics to provide comprehensive safety protection for operators

Intelligent laser equipment + reliable and timely delivery system + quick response after-sales service = excellent CNC laser pipe cutting machine

Pipe processing has a wide range of applications and market segmentation. MORN LASER proposes a series of solutions for metal pipe fittings and profile processing.

 MORN LASER Rolls Out High-Performance Intelligent Tube Laser Cutting  Equipment1

MORN LASER has been deeply involved in the field of metal cutting for years, and has continued to increase its processing accuracy, application fields, and equipment automation. A variety of solutions for laser cutting, laser welding, laser cleaning, laser marking and subdivision areas are also introduced this time.

 MORN LASER Rolls Out High-Performance Intelligent Tube Laser Cutting  Equipment2

MORN LASER is developed on the basis of the accumulation of key technology research and development, with a keen insight into the industry demand as the direction, with efficient response after-sales service, and reliable and timely delivery system as the guarantee, with “intelligent manufacturing” empowering traditional industries and leading cooperation, transformation and upgrading of partners.

If you need a laser solutions, pls feel free to contact now. We can provide samples for your requirements.

Post time: Apr-08-2021
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