How to remove antifreeze from water chiller?

The water chiller is an individualized application of the industrial refrigerator to the laser industry. The laser chiller mainly cools the laser generator of the laser machines( by water circulation, and controls the temperature of the laser generator, so that the laser generator can be maintained for a long time. During the long-term operation of the laser equipment, the laser generator will continuously generate high temperature. If the temperature is too high, the normal operation of the laser generator will be affected. Therefore, the laser chiller is required for water circulation cooling and temperature control and should be maintained properly.

Now the temperature has risen, and your water chiller no longer need antifreeze. In order for the chiller to better exchange heat with the laser source, all the antifreeze added to the chiller in winter can now be replaced with water (pure water or distilled water). The specific steps are as follows:

1.There is a drain valve at the bottom of the water pipe, open it and drain the antifreeze in the chiller.


2.After the antifreeze is drained, remove the filter at the bottom of the water tank to clean it, and install it after cleaning; then check whether there is dirt on the stainless steel coil in the water tank, and clean it up with a rag or clean water if any;


3. After adding clean water, start the chiller to circulate the remaining antifreeze in the water pipe and the laser, and then shut down and drain it(if the system is dirty with no water, you can circulate it several times);

4. Finally, add clean water (purified water or distilled water) to start the chiller. If the water pressure is 0 after the start-up, and the equipment flow alarm, you need to exhaust the air to make the chiller work normally.

Post time: Apr-02-2021
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