Cleaning and maintenance of the lens of fiber laser cutting machine

The lenses and nozzles of the fiber laser cutting machine ( are consumables, especially the optical lenses, including protective lenses, collimators, and focusing lenses. Pay more attention to the usual placement, inspection, and installation, and care must be taken to protect the lenses from damage and Pollution. During the laser cutting process, a large amount of gas and metal impurities will be released from the working surface, and these gas and spatter will cause damage to the lens. When contaminants fall on the surface of the lens, it will absorb energy from the laser beam, causing a thermal lens effect. During the installation and cleaning of the lens, any sticky matter will increase the absorption rate of the lens and reduce the service life. Therefore, you must pay attention to the following measures during operation:

fiber cutting machine

1. Do not install the lens of your laser cutting machine ( directly with your fingers. Wear finger cots or rubber gloves.


2. Do not use hard instruments to avoid scratches on the lens surface.


3. When installing and removing the lens, do not touch the film, but hold the edge of the lens.


4. The lens should be placed in a dry and tidy place for testing and cleaning. To prevent secondary pollution impurities.


5. When cleaning the lens, first use a blowing balloon to blow off the float on the surface of the original, especially the lens with tiny particles and floccules on the surface, but do not use the compressed air on the production line, because the air will contain oil mist to some extent And water droplets, which will deepen the pollution of the lens.


6. Clean the lens slightly with pure acetone. This grade of acetone is almost anhydrous, which reduces the possibility of lens contamination.


7. The cotton ball must be dipped in acetone and the lens must be cleaned under light and moved in a circular motion. Once the cotton swab is dirty, it must be replaced. The cleaning should be done at one time to avoid the formation of crevices.


8. If acetone cannot remove all the dirt, then use acid vinegar to clean it. Acid vinegar cleaning uses the dissolution of dirt to remove dirt, but it will not cause damage to the optical lens. This acid vinegar can be experimental grade (diluted to 50% strength), or white vinegar containing 6% acetic acid for household use. The cleaning procedure is the same as that of acetone, and then use acetone to remove the acid vinegar and dry the lens. At this time, the cotton balls should be changed frequently to completely absorb the acid and hydrate. Until it is cleaned.

9.When pollutants and lens damage cannot be removed by cleaning, the lens has to be replaced.

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Post time: Oct-14-2020
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