MORN tamin'ny laser fibre rafitra dia afaka fanodinana vy isan-karazany sy ny anjara manan-danja eo amin'ny orinasa anjara asa sy ara-barotra. Be mpampiasa izy ireo ao amin'ny

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fanomezam-pahasoavana sy ny asa-tanana, haingo, dokam-barotra sy ny fitaovana ara-pahasalamana ...

  • Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

    Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

    MORN Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine, is a new type high-power, high-end continuous welding tool that couples a high-energy laser beam into an optical fiber, collimates it into parallel light through a collimating lens after long-distance transmission, and then focuses on the workpiece for welding.
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  • Laser fibre nanapaka Machine

    Laser fibre nanapaka Machine

    Our fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized iron, etc., and has been widely used in the processing of metal sheet fabrication, steel furniture, fire pipes, automotive, fitness equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, food machinery, advertising, electrical cabinets, elevators and other industries.
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  • Automatic Laser Welding Machine

    Automatic Laser Welding Machine

    MORN Automatic laser welding machine, or automated laser welding system, is a fiber transmission, automatic four-axis table computer controlled welding device, easy to operate, save time and effort. Automated laser welders reduces the need to hire specialists to work the factory floor. The machine is easy enough to be operated by any workers available because of the pre-determined settings.
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  • Laser fibre Cleaning Machine

    Laser fibre Cleaning Machine

    MORN laser cleaning equipment enables you to effortlessly get rid of the toughest rust, dust, oxides, oil and other contaminations as well as paint, coating from metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, stone or concrete. With the advantage of manual adjustment of the focus, spot repair or weld cleaning the interior of large vessels is no longer a problem.
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  • Laser fibre fanamarihana Machine

    Laser fibre fanamarihana Machine

    MORN Desktop fiber laser marking machine is a professional machine for both metal and non-metal marking. It best suits small-sized, easy-to-move workpiece marking with logo, icon, QR code, bar code, regular and irregular flow number, etc. With the advanced third generation solid fiber laser generator, high-quality galvanometer, field lens, and industrial PC and software, it features stable output power, fast marking speed, fine marking effect, high efficiency, and maintenance-free.
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  • What Should You Know About Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

    Fiber laser technology has become a new star in laser industry and an emerging leader in sheet metal cutting field. Persistent investment and researches have contributed to prosperous development of fiber laser technology and it has obtained an extensive po...
  • 5 Zavatra Mahalala vao mividy Fibre Laser manapaka Machine

    Purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine is never a simple thing no matter whether you buy it from local suppliers or overseas suppliers, because it concerns the return your investment will achieve and the benefits your business will receive. Before buyin...

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  • The relationship between cutting focus and material of metal fiber laser cutting machine

    1. The cutting focus is on the surface of the workpiece   This method also becomes 0 focal length. When using, the focus of the cutting machine is selected close to the surface of the workpiece. In this mode, the upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece are different in smoothness. Generall...
  • What is a Fiber Laser Cutter

    The laser cutting machine focuses the laser light emitted from the laser into a high-power density laser beam through the optical path system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point, and the high-pressure gas coaxial w...

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