Tube Laser Cutting Machine Promotes the Development of Fitness Equipment Manufacturing Industry

As one of the more popular cutting technologies, tube laser cutting has been widely used in the processing of fitness equipment. Compared with the traditional pipe cutting process, the metal tube laser cutting machine can be customized for different tubes, and the cutting quality and efficiency are also greatly improved.

The diversity of fitness equipment puts forward higher requirements for metal processing, and traditional processing methods appear complex and inefficient. Traditional processing methods such as drilling machines and milling machines not only cannot ensure the beauty and accuracy of processed tubes, but also easily cause waste of labor costs and time costs. Therefore, the advantages of tube laser cutting machines are gradually highlighted:

  1. High cutting accuracy, the accuracy can reach ±0.05mm;
  2. High cutting efficiency, enabling mass production;
  3. Various shapes can be flexibly processed through computer drawing, and the operation is simple and convenient;
  4. Traditional processing methods require very cumbersome clamping, but the tube lasercutting machine can easily complete the tubeclamping through pneumatic chucks.
laser cutting samples 4

In addition, metal tube laser cutting machine can easily process square tubes, round tubes, D-shaped tubes, I-beams and other conventional or special-shaped tubes. The cutting surface of the tubes is smooth and burr-free. No secondary processing is required and subsequent processing can be carried out directly, which greatly shortening processing time.

((Morn Tube Laser Cutting Machines Show))

Morn Laser will continue to increase product research and development, and strive to provide global users with better quality laser machines, more thoughtful services and more comprehensive laser solutions.

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