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The welding speed of laser welding machine and the ability to control welding quality during operation make laser welding as a widely used method in many industrial fields (such as aerospace industry, medical industry, electronics industry, tool manufacturing).

Firstly, why should we choose laser welding machine?

As a laser welding machine supplier from China, so many customers asked this questions to us. Here we will introduce the advantage of laser welding machine:

1. The speed of laser welding is very fast:

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method that uses a high energy density laser beam as a heat source. The metal absorbs the energy of the laser and melts quickly in a very short time, greatly reducing the risk of material deformation. Based on our test result, 1000w laser welding machine to welding 2mm stainless steel, welding speed is 10m per min.

2. It can welding with high accuracy

The laser welding machine can do no-touching welding. This advantage ensures that we can weld many tiny parts that are difficult to touch or see. And the welding effect is very fine and clean.

Here share a sample pictures from our customers:
laser welding
Freely adjustable welding speed
laser welding banner

3. Laser welding machine can welding different metal shape
The laser welding machine is mainly used for welding metal materials. It can not only weld metal sheets, but also metal tubes and metal materials of different shapes.

This is the sample we welded for our customers. The welding effect is not only beautiful, but also has good air tightness and no water leakage.

4. Laser welding machine has a very low use cost
The non-contact auto laser welding machine controlled by the computer has almost no wear and tear, and only needs to clean or replace the lens regularly. Handheld laser welding machine needs to clean or replace the lenses, and also replace welding nozzles regularly.

What parameters should be checked?

1. If you use the most suitable laser power, you will get the best welding results and save energy.

2. Make sure your focal length is correct. The correct focal length can ensure you get the biggest power.

3. Make sure the welding frequency is correct. Too high frequency will result in too low energy, thereby reducing welding efficiency, or even low efficiency.

Anyhow, with the decrease in laser source prices, the purchase cost of laser welding machines is decreasing year by year. Laser welding will become a trend to replace TIG and MIG on thin plate welding. Anyone who takes the lead in updating welding equipment to the laser industry, they will seize the new popular trendency.

(Morn laser welding machines show)

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