Laser Welding Helps Metal Kitchenware
laser welding

Laser welding uses the excellent directivity and high power density of the laser beam to work. The laser beam is focused on a small area through the optical system, forming a highly concentrated heat source in the welded area in a very short time. The weld melts and forms a strong weld.

As people’s quality of life continues to improve, people’s requirements for the quality and appearance of kitchen and bathroom appliances are also constantly increasing. At this time, the upgrade of the welding process is particularly important, and the advantages of handheld laser welding machines are gradually emerging. This article will introduce some advantages of laser welding for your reference:

1. Reduce labor costs

Traditional welding methods generally require professional welders with better skills to operate, and labor costs are higher. The handheld laser welding machine allows a worker with no welding experience to learn how to operate the machine in a very short time.

laser welding machine

2. Reduce subsequent processes

After traditional welding, polishing is required to ensure that the welding joint is smooth and not rough. Correspondingly, the labor cost and time cost of subsequent processing will also increase, and the processing efficiency will also decrease. Laser welding has extremely low heat input, small deformation, smooth and beautiful welds, and no post-welding processing or only simple processing, which can greatly reduce the cost of subsequent processes and improve production efficiency.

Handheld laser welding machines have significant advantages in stainless steel kitchenware welding. Laser welding improves production efficiency and product quality, and reduces production costs. Morn Laser will continue to keep up with market trends and provide everyone with more cost-effective laser products!

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