Expand Your Business From 2D Cutting To 3D Cutting With Morn Laser Bevel Cutting Machine

At the 2021 new product launch on June 30th, Morn Laser unveiled its new product-Fiber Laser Bevel Cutting Machine, expanding its market to metal bevel cutting.

Rather than being a like-for-like upgrading product, this metal bevel cutting machine is quite different from other laser machines in the market.

Introduction of Morn Laser Bevel Cutting Machine

With a special 3D laser head, the bevel cutter breaks the limits of the straight cutting section and makes various bevel cuts on metals just in one step, including X-type, Y-type, V-type, and K-type bevels. What’s more, it advances with amazing functions such as “auto obstacle avoidance”, “contour recognition”, “lightning perforation”, and “visual collision avoidance”, which give extra protection and ensure higher performance.

The ultra-high power laser machine with high-temperature annealing and stress removing strengthened bed further serves customer needs with faster speed, more precise processing results, and higher performance.

The 976 light source technology empowers the bevel machine to be more energy-saving. It is calculated to save 3 kWh electricity consumption per hour in comparison with a 915 light source.

When cutting bevels, the swing angle of the cutting head must be precisely controlled. With the Morn Laser bevel cutting machine, the focus position can be automatically adjusted according to the thickness and angle of the cutting material to meet the cutting process requirements, ensuring the cutting accuracy and taper of the bevel.

Ultra-High Power Laser Machine Accelerates The Metal Processing Industry To Transform From "Large" To "Strong"

The new bevel cutting machine equipped with a up to 20kW laser boasts of super fast cutting speed on metal processing, towers over the efficiency standard of sheet metal processing industry, and drives the metal processing industry to transform from “large” to “strong”.

In the factory demo machine display part, customers were all impressed by the high power cutting ability and excellent results of the new machine.

Laser Bevel Cutting Machine Offer Metal Processing Manufacturers The Chance To Expand Its Business From 2D Cutting To 3D Cutting

The bevel processing of thick steel plates has always been an indispensable process in the manufacturing process of shipbuilding, engineering machinery, petroleum pipelines, etc. It is often necessary to process and assemble the bevel of a certain geometric shape on the welded parts to be welded to ensure firm welding.

Laser bevel cutting reduces many processes, and form 1°-45° bevel just in one cut, which is a perfect replacement for the traditional cutting and milling processes. It greatly improves efficiency and saves labor.

Morn Laser’s launch of the new laser cutting machine aimed at the bevel cutting field, offering metal processing manufacturers the chance to expand its business from 2D cutting to 3D cutting.

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