Morn Laser Launches 2021 New Product, Targets “Metal Laser Bevel Cutting Market”

On June 30, 2021, Morn Laser has held a new-product event successfully! Strategic partners from all over the country and industry-leading metal processing manufacturers were invited to witness the stunning debut of bevel laser cutting machine and together open the era of intelligent processing of metal bevel cutting.

At 10 a.m., a 20,000-watt bevel fiber laser cutting machine was officially unveiled in Morn Laser Xintai Laser Industrial Park. The professional technicians of the Morn Laser team demonstrated the cutting effect on the spot. Under the high-speed light output of the intelligent laser head at a 45° angle, the machine cuts a standard bevel on a 25 mm thick carbon steel plate, and the cutting surface is smooth and burr-free.

” Once-forming, no more grinding is needed later, and the processing efficiency can be increased by more than 75%.” Morn Laser technician introduced. It is reported that the 20,000-watt bevel laser cutting machine adopts a leading brand intelligent laser head and an intelligent control system, which breaks through the conventional straight-cut cutting method and realizes 45-degree bevel cutting. A variety of different bevel shapes are formed at one time, such as Y-shaped, V-shaped and X-shaped bevels formed at one time, which can easily cut metal sheets of different thicknesses. It has the advantages of zero gap in splicing combination, reducing welding difficulty, improving the efficiency of sheet metal processing, saving labor and cost, etc.

Morn Laser has a long-term strategic development vision in terms of growing industrial chain partners. We only recommend products that are most suitable for customers and products that can really create value for customers. Not only to sell laser equipment, but also to sell services. The sale of laser equipment is just the beginning of our service. We will continue to stay in close contact with suppliers and customers and provide support for their growth!

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