Morn Laser Rolls Out 2021 New Product, Eyes “Metal Bevel Cutting Market”

On June 30th, 2021, Morn Laser New Product Launch completed successfully in Xintai Laser Industrial Park. Strategic partners and leading metal fabricators from all over China gathered together to witness this big event.

Morn Laser Rolls Out Its Latest Fiber Laser Bevel Cutting Machine
At the product launch, Morn Laser unveiled its new product-Fiber Laser Bevel Cutting Machine, expanding its market to metal bevel cutting.

“We are excited to introduce the all-new high power laser bevel cutting machine, this highly acclaimed machine is a welcome addition to our product portfolio and developed in response to the call of the government’ s replacement of old economic growth drivers with new ones, and replacement of old processing methods with new ones as well, highlighting our unrelenting focus on growing market segments by offering fine manufactured laser machines with customer-centric technology,” said Mr. Xue, Chairman of Morn Laser.

Morn Laser Strives For a Win-Win Relation And Focuses On Promoting Strategic Alliance
At the product launch, GM Mr. Wang starts by briefly introducing our company’s developments and strengths, our new laser industrial park , new cnc milling center and main products.

Wang pointed out that, “to present the actual results of the cutting, we always do the testing using the materials from the customers instead of the perfect ones. This means our machine not only makes excellent cuts on perfect plates but also performs well on the actual materials such as rusted plates. Morn Laser is always honest to our customers, and that’s how we win them.”

Chairman Xue’s address directly hits the pain points of the industry, “the only way to take the lead in developing ultra-high-power and ultra-large-format laser equipment, is to achieve mass production and push it to the market, to provide the most suitable products instead of the most expensive ones to the users, assisting them to improve quality, enhance efficiency, and reduce cost. We aim for a win-win relation and focus on promoting strategic alliance”

A core part supplier, GW manager Mr. Xu, said, “We grow with Morn Laser, and we also serve with Morn Laser. GW promises to continue to be a solid backing for Morn Laser.”

“Our growth is inseparable from the support of Morn Laser. I believe that Morn Laser will definitely achieve further growth in the near future.” Mr. Zhao, a regular customer from Jining, Shandong province, said excitedly.

What Morn Laser impresses customers is not only the high quality, but also the excellent service. We keep focusing on cultivating service details, creating a full-cycle satisfaction service, and striving to provide the best cutting experience for each customer. This is our ever-lasting service concept.

“This time I bought 3 sets of 20000W laser machines. The reason that I choose Morn Laser is mainly because of their fine manufacturing quality and responsive service. I did some research in the market, Morn Laser products are well welcomed by the market. So it’s better to say that it’s the market that chose Morn Laser ”. Said Mr. Lu, a new customer came along from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

“Morn Laser has a long-term strategic development vision in the cultivation of industrial chain partners. We only recommend the most suitable products for customers, products that can truly create value for customers. Not only to sell equipment but to sell services as well. The selling out of the equipment is only the beginning of our service. We will continue to be in close contact with suppliers and clients and provide any support for their growth,” Chairman Xue concluded.

Contract Signings Hit Records, Exciting Raffle Blasted The Audience
The new machine was highly favored by the participants.They were all scrambling to place the orders. Contract signings kept increasing and hit a record for the day by a total number of 50 sets.

The product launch ended with entertainment shows and an exciting raffle, which was the icing on the cake of the whole event, blasting the audience and pushing the atmosphere of the event to the climax.

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