Morn Laser Received Special Funds for Development Support from Tai’an City

Recently, Morn Laser, as a high-quality enterprise with obvious results and outstanding driving role in foreign trade development, received special support funds for business development from Tai’an City. We will take this opportunity to increase investment in research and development and market development at home and abroad, give back to the society with higher-quality laser machines and services, and contribute to the economic development of Tai’an City.

Morn Laser Industrial Park is located in Xintai City Development Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service into intelligent equipment manufacturing. There are two major production bases in Jinan and Tai’an, and the self-built production park has a usable area of 66,000 square meters. Morn Laser has introduced domestically advanced five-axis machining centers and is equipped with a large-scale intelligent production chain, focusing on the high-power laser cutting and sheet metal intelligent production markets. We have warehousing and service centers in the United States, Italy, Hungary, South Africa and other places.

Our products are exported to 156 countries and regions around the world, with an export rate of 50%. We have successively achieved the export of China’s first complete machine of 10,000-watt+ laser cutting machine and the first domestic export of complete machine of 20,000-watt bevel laser cutting machine.

In 2023, Morn Laser once again achieved the first place in the country’s export of 40,000-watt high-power laser cutting equipment. At the same time, we have increased our efforts to develop the European market and created a “warehousing + sales” integrated laser service project to increase the delivery speed in the European market. From order making to equipment delivery to 24-hour customer service response, Morn Laser has established a fully traceable “safe purchasing” service standard to further practice the corporate value of “customer first”.

Seek innovation in development and progress in innovation. In recent years, Tai’an City has taken multiple measures to promote the steady growth and improvement of foreign trade. The Tai’an Municipal Government implements the foreign trade leap-forward improvement action and provides support for projects such as the development of key foreign trade enterprises, the development of new foreign trade formats, and the improvement of international business capabilities. They go deep into the front line of production, do practical things for enterprises, solve problems, and create a high-level business environment.

Relying on the strong support of Tai’an City, Xintai City and other levels of government, Morn Laser will continue to innovate itself, increase investment in research and development, deploy specific plans to improve technological innovation capabilities, and improve the innovation service system. At the same time, we will strengthen brand building, expand our international horizons and participate in international competition in an orderly manner, continuously improve our professional capabilities, and stride forward along the road of high-quality development!

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