Morn Laser invested in the construction of the largest laser production base in North China, and the production capacity is expected to increase by more than 150%

As the preferred project of the replacement of the old drivers of growth in Shandong Province, As the preferred project of the replacement of the old drivers of growth in Shandong Province, the completion of the Morn Laser laser equipments production base project will drive the upstream and downstream industrial chains and become a powerful driving force for the transformation and upgrading of Xintai’s industrial manufacturing.

Project Description

The new production base is located in Tai’an City. The first phase of the project covers an area of 33,000 square meters, and the planned standardized modern factory building is 23,000 square meters. Among them, the 13,000-square-meter industry-leading processing center is about to be completed and is scheduled to be officially put into use by the end of June 2021. After completion, it will effectively meet the needs of laser machines in the market for larger processing size, higher laser power, higher degree of automation and more refined processing. We will develop our customers across a wider range of industries, including markets such as steel processing, heavy machinery, shipbuilding and more.

After the project is fully put into production, it is expected to produce 15,000 fiber laser machines annually within three years, with a revenue of more than 1 billion yuan and a market share among the top three in the national laser industry.

Strategic Transition

In the field of laser machine manufacturing for 13 years, with an annual sales growth rate of over 20%, Morn Laser is moving towards a higher development track at the fastest speed. The establishment of Xintai Laser Industrial Park further demonstrates the transformation of the company’s strategic development, from precision manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, from standard products to customized high-end laser solutions, all of which demonstrate Morn Laser’s continuous breakthrough and innovative strength.

Development Goal

Morn Laser is focused on delivering value to its customers through our latest laser technology, powerful and fine fabrication capability that maximizes metal processing efficiency.

“laser solutions + Intelligent manufacturing” is the fundamental way to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Our development goal is to become a leading laser equipment manufacturer worldwide within 3-5 years.

Live by promise, and win by quality. We strive to build value with our customers.

Morn Laser, make superior laser products, let global manufacturers benefit!

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