Morn Laser Brand Renovation and Growth Strategy

To better focus on fibre laser growth, Morn Laser restructured its product line and completed the acquisition of morntech, our partly-owned fibre laser manufacturing subsidiary, into the Morn Laser brand in 2021. On my first day joining Morn Laser as marketing director during the business transformation, I made a commitment to the growth of Morn Laser. I stated that a focus on professionalism and digitalisation is key to this outcome.

As we work toward this goal, two things are becoming increasingly clear. First, we’re seeing an dramatical increase in client demand for quality China made. Second, we’re noticing our clients buying laser products for quicker, smarter and more efficient laser solutions.

Because of this, we have decided that an upgrade of our product lines and a renovation of our client communication channels to deliver such messages becomes our first priority towards the middle of 2022. I am confident this is the right move and that our future is as brighter as we navigate.

Now I am excited to announce that after 7 months of preparation work, a brand-new Morn Laser image and a full-scale functional website tailored for our focused markets will launch stage by stage in April this year. This new site will serve our global clients better in terms of product updates, after-sales services, customer training, industry happenings and act promptly to customers’ voice. By continuously serving our clients with intelligent laser technology and proven expertise, we relentlessly push forward on the formation of a recognized China national laser manufacturer brand. This will benefit our clients, shareholders and all Morn Laser employees.

Next step, as a more concentrated company, we will strengthen communication with our global customers and respond faster, and work more closely with local and international partners in laser manufacturing development to build a cooperative ecosystem as we have recently done with GW, raycus and Max.

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