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Check out the biggest CNC laser machine showroom in North China. We offer a full range of fiber laser cutter, laser welder, laser engraver and laser cleaner. No matter what laser solutions you are looking for, Morn Laser equips your business with the most suitable laser machines.

Our sales consultants will walk you across the showroom virtually, test your appointed materials on your behalf and help you choose the laser machines right for your business.

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Laser cut advantages


An accuracy of ±0.01 mm enable a high precision without any after-treatment


Quicker than mechanical cutting especially with complex cuts within the same material thickness.

Edge quality

Smooth edge quality in either sheet, plate, tube or irregular shapes.


Little manual labour required, resulting in lower costs compared to traditional cutting methods.


Configured to cut different metal sheets and pipes.


Save cost for mould making and energy consumption

Environment friendly

Reduced contamination of the workpiece