Empowering manufacturing owners to achieve more
delight customers with the most satisped products

Each day we are asking the same questions, what are our customers constantly seeking and what shall we do to empower our customers to grow. Bear these in mind, we never stop exploring and challenging ourselves, be fearless in the pursuit of our goals.

Our mission

There’s this Chinese notion that “hustling and bustling,all for benefits”,but we know there is a better way to do business. We strongly believe where what’s good for the bottom line is also good for customers. Businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul — and that we can do it with quality products and passionable hearts. That’s why we are not up to the world best, but to delight our customers with the most satisfied product.

Who we are

Morn Laser is a one-stop industrial laser solution provider for manufacturing business. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Jinan, we empower tens of thousands of customers around the world to grow their business with our cutting-edge laser technology, reliable service, and life-long support.

Live by promise, and win by quality. We strive to build value with our customers and produce even more efficient, precise, and trustworthy laser products to our global customers.

Our story

After serving Chinese small and medium manufacturers for more than 10 years as the very first founder of Alibaba in 2008, Ben Xue knew deep inside that it was time to do something different. Chinese manufacturing owners from almost every sector are no longer tolerating outdated machines – they are looking for even more efficient, economical, precise and future-proof solutions. Jinan is just the place that consolidates advanced manufacturing technology, technical talents and raw materials in one.

Knowing this by heart, a company was born: Morn Laser. It was founded on”solving real problems”,the notion that manufacturer owners don’t want the world’s best technology nor the most powerful machine – they want the just right product.

Thus why today we don’t brag about the most advanced technology nor the most expensive one, but continue to empower each of our customers with the just right product.

Our culture

Morn Laser strives to create a culture that empowers a collaborative, creative, and passionate workforce. We are passionate about our manufacturer owners and believe that collaboration and sincereness are solid foundations to build mutual trust.

We believe the success of each member is the success of Morn Laser. We empowereach of us to bring entrepreneurship, cooperation and inclusive perspective to work, and help each team member to thrive in a number of ways – through sponsored education, staff development, learning resources, and team building activities both in and out of the office.

Great things are never done by one person, they are done by a group of people that share the same dream. Morn Laser continually seeks new ways to empower every manufacturing owner and each of us.

Our history

Our products

Build customers value with trustworthy products.

Whether you need to cut thin or thick metal, in small or big, for cutting sheet or tube, you can always find a suitable fiber laser cutting machine for your application. See all our fiber laser cutters.

Boost your welding efficiency and save your labor and welding cost with Morn’s manual and automatic laser welders. You can achieve big and long distance welding with the manual one, and automate your process with the automatic one.

Our laser cleaning machine delivers high quality and efficient results without damage to your base material. You benefit from a much safer and environment-friendly solution.

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The happiest thing is to help those who
believe in you succeed.

Ben Xue
CEO and Founder of Morn Laser

The happiest thing is to help those who believe in you succeed.

Ben Xue
CEO and Founder of Morn Laser