you can only use fiber laser plasma cutting head is mounted on the side of the function

Fiber laser cutting machine Notes

When using fiber laser cutting several important issues to consider. The first one is the eye. Fiber laser system emits wavelengths harmful to the eyes, it is necessary to take measures to protect the eyes. Technology due to less than 5 co2 laser engraving machine years, we strongly recommend a comprehensive training system uptime and security. Many operators do not use the fiber laser cutting experience, so it should be a good operating system cut fiber initial training to compensate for lack of experience.

Also, please note that the material to be cut. Although most of metal laser cutting machine the material cut fiber laser cutting is possible, but it can not be used for cutting acrylic or polycarbonate material, but only a limited cutting wood or fibrous material used in this field. At the same time, is used to determine when to use fiber laser cutting, the thickness of the material to be cut is a very important factor. Thicker material requires a higher power cut off, in this case, laser cutting may not be a good choice.

At this point, you can only use fiber laser plasma cutting head is mounted on the side of the function. Before quickly and easily switch to the plasma cutting, the operator can use the fiber laser cutting Laser engraver for sale of thin materials required tolerances. Even if the same method of cutting the two different cutting portions. For example, the operator may choose to use external parts plasma cutting, laser cutting, and with the internal shape of the fiber.

Finally, it is best to assess integrated laser cutting settings need to buy spare parts and each part is also considering how to. With a laser power, gas console, laser cutting head height control, a very valuable benefit integrated solution digital control (CNC) and cutting system control program. With the integrated solution, purchase and integration of fiber laser systems become more complex process. Consideration was filtered off in a predetermined, optimized system cutting co2 laser cutting machine parameters specific cut, after the power is turned on immediately start cutting.

Nowadays laser cutting machine more and more popular in various fields, and tremendous progress in the benefits of laser cutting machine on the praise of many processors, laser cutting machine has unique advantages to meet the traditional cutting techniques can not achieve the cut process, but many users in the use of laser cutting machine in the process is not very skilled, there are many caveats, the following brief precautions for laser cutting machine to share with you, we want to help the majority of users .

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