You buy a mold similar level of CNC engraving machine to carve color plates

How to buy CNC engraving machine.Do not think you can buy a CNC engraving machine dry all the words, CNC engraving machine manufacturers put into a variety of models, is to cope with the processing portion of the mission. You buy a mold similar level of CNC engraving machine to carve color plates, or buy a heavy-duty engraving machine to carve stamps, which have formed a huge waste, co2 laser engraving machine and it will not lose good results.

Strange you do buy a poster-level waste mold, you can basically can not work independently. Because before you purchase, the sale will certainly want to specify the tasks in the form of adequate staff to do the reading, including vocational piece plus size, material data, the thickness of material, component, eventually carving effect and requirements of the class.

Small shop signboards first purchase, major manufacturing flat word light board, the word crystal, color plates, badges, etc. with useful, should buy posters level, but also in the further refinement of the tool configuration, as do color plates , you must configure the floating heads, because it can protect the large version of the word-face color depth of the board carve time differences, but mainly for sawing mineral glass crystal of the word, on the main axis of the optional cope with 800W power.  To do low-power high-precision master axis temporary dry light work, it will slow down bearing wear, loss of precision.

Normally, engraving machine format larger than above 600mm, suitable for carving and other fine living color plates, and more practical to saw the word, do some heavy card flat. Attributed to 600mm outside the format in Universal engraving machine, both metal laser cutting machine as color plates, etc. menial jobs, but also for doing saws word deliberately.

About the need for machining cylindrical or other shaped pieces, because the demand installation of some workers tenon or shrouded axes, which requires Z-axis column between high mesa to head big time, and thus can be used utility machine. If it is specially engraved stamp stamp shop, small furniture network can be equipped with a stamp engraving machine. Carved leather chapter, radicals and India with a laser engraving machine best, and seal carving bronze, pearl chapter, horns and other information, then use 6070. Combination of the two, the various materials take-all.

Laser engraving machine
Laser engraving machine mainly used for engraving on nonmetal materials such as Wood, paper,leather, cloth, resin, acrylic, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, bamboo,organic glass etc.

Laser engraver machines adopt DSP digital controlling technology,self-design laser power supply,incorporate designed frame and structure to guarantee stable work.
Address the causes carved machine malfunction

No one can Laser engraver for sale guarantee facility at all times be able to maintain normal operation, carved machine is no exception. When carved facilities are not working properly, can be a problem with its external components, or perhaps other reasons. Following several major can range from comprehensive.

1, if the shaft does not move after move if the exchange is not normal
This situation can be noted that the axis corresponding to the drive block is corrupt, the demand for change is good drive block. If you do not drive shaft or not, you indicate faulty wiring or change the generator wire line or generator.

Triaxial not move, this time to review what the three-axis flight control box and the plug could have a good connection, master box power could have been open, and master data cable boxes and computers can lead plane in a good grasp card connection.

2, alarm failure
If the attack overtravel alarm, indicating carved in the operation process has reached the limit position, co2 laser cutting machine so to review the following range, see there is no problem:

(1), the current coordinate value can exceed the soft limit frequency range.

(2) whether the design of the graphic sense of proportion over the processing range.

(3) tools and the computer can accurately grounded.

(4) review tool generator shaft and screw loose coupling line can, if it is please tighten the screws.

3, there is a three-axis axis can not move
This time to check the drive block should be able to protect echoes shaft! Reviewing ways to use exchange, will not move the axis of the pin for the flight should disconnect the plug in for the rest of the active shaft to be driven on.

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