YAG laser cutting and engraving machine welding equipment accessories

YAG laser cutting machine laser welding equipment accessories for bars.Here briefly on “YAG laser cutting and engraving machine welding equipment accessories – laser rod” Some of expertise, co2 laser engraving machine the main target is the YAG laser device users. Hereinafter referred to as the laser rod

Laser bars are mounted on one of the essential parts of laser machine, from the looks of it, is a glass rod, and its size is and there are differences depending on the selected power. In general, the larger the diameter of the laser rod, the more expensive the price, the more abundant the laser energy which led spot to break out is greater.

Generally used for cutting thicker diameter, smaller for engraving or marking is more, the price difference between the two is probably in the range co2 laser cutting machine of $ 2,500.

From the results in terms of the laser through the reflection in the mirror shows focused spot with paper, and color, spotted circles legible, these laser bars is very good quality.

The quality of the laser rod slightly worse, anyway debugging, are unable to spot a circle, burning out different colors, the line is not clear, vignetting was like, there is often a bad business shoddy, compared with the price hit low, eventually suffer or user.

Laser rod is a consumable product, up to three years, according to an increase in the use of long, its energy output will be diminished, and the causes of the cooling system, laser cutting machine perennial material accumulated dirt if occasional cleaning, may be cause performance to play influential, metal laser cutting machine so it needs a good cleaning machine, the method is very simple, with clean water rinse.

The wood carving cnc machine is widely used in various industries, such as:

* Woodindustry: wood door, furniture, kitchen ware, windows, woodcabinet, screen, computer desk and other panel furniture etc.

*Advertising industry: advertising signs, acrylic cutting and some other materials.

* Craft gift industry: 3D wood cnc router can be used for produce all kinds of shadow carving and relief.

On the auxiliary gas laser cutting machine role
Here to give you a brief introduction to the auxiliary gas laser cutting machine for cutting metal and acrylic role:

When cutting metal and other hard and acrylic products, together with a gas together with the laser emitted from the nozzle, not only to protect the lens will not fall out of the slag stained cut, to ensure that the entire cutting process can be performed uninterrupted shorten the processing time.

All the cutting process, the secondary gas is also an effect of improving the utilization of a metallic material that absorbs laser light, to help produce energy product at the cuts, the cutting speed up the whole process, to improve the cutting quality, to shorten working hours.

Laser cutting confidential note to buy what
The rapid development of the laser industry today, domestic businesses everywhere laser production, product quality and performance is uneven, you want to choose the high quality laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine, you also need to understand the various aspects of the product.

Many of my friends Laser engraver for sale do not understand the laser machine, do not know how to choose, then a laser inscription here today to talk about aspects from which to understand and buy the right equipment laser machine.

First: Product Quality
Different manufacturers of laser equipment functions much the same, but the internal material of choice, but all different parts, such as motor brand, laser tube, laser lens as well as the quality of the whole material and so on.

Motor brand – this relates to the operation of the laser device when the stability and accuracy is generally good point imported stepper motor, the country also has a good motor brand suppliers, of course, there are shoddy cottage motor.

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