Workers cnc router machine malfunction occurs

Dislocation ending wood cnc router machine.Used cnc router machine people should know that even normal use CNC router machine will fail. These faults are only generated in the process, rather than the quality of the cnc router machine itself.

Workers cnc router machine malfunction occurs in the process of carving is also very frequent phenomenon of dislocation is often the case, because there exist many problems related to too many parts, it is a more difficult problem to solve, after many years of practical experience we summarize the following aspects, for your reference:

1. Drive reasons: the drive itself inside the structure or electronic devices in question will cause dislocation, up to this reason.

If there’s not many times, but the speed will be a little lower, sometimes carving which shows normal drive has not completely broken, if you start carving it shows misplaced drive completely broken, which can repair or replace the drive.
Wood cutting cnc router machine MT-C25B

This woodworking machine is economical type which with whole steel structure.

a.Adopting advanced DSP system, easy to learn and operate.
b.Y spindle adopts double motors to drive

c.High strength steel tube jointing.

d.It divided into 6 vacuum table-board.

e.With dust collect and vacuum table .

2. Voltage reason: the cnc router machine at work need power, inadequate if the voltage is too low to drive power wood carving cnc router machine supply, power can not reach will cause dislocation, generalized to the Y-axis is more, this phenomenon may be external voltage is not enough, or someone on the same line as the use of high-power devices, such as welding. A good way to solve this is to install a 5,000-watt power supply, but the error range of power supply can not be more than 5%, preferably less than 3%.

Reason 3. interface board, motherboard, adapter plate: if the interface board, motherboard, adapter plate is broken, the machine in the process of working in one direction or the three axes are not moving moving,  causing dislocation carving.

4. The spindle motor reason: Reason if stepper motor or servo motor, the whole machine does not move in a certain direction, turn the screw can be turned by hand does not move.

5. The reason for the machine itself: a component on the machine in question or loose surface impurities also appear dislocation. Such as loose coupling, the bad, there will be dislocation, rails, fueling a long time without cleaning will also appear on the screw dislocation.

Only by understanding the causes of the problem, can solve those problems, so as not to affect the normal production and processing. cnc router machine when in use, wood CNC router machine there is a problem do not worry, they do not understand or do next will not solve the situation be resolved To contact sale, a good way to solve the problem.

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