Woodworking engraving machine tool used correctly

Proper use of wood engraving machine tool.Woodworking engraving machine tool used correctly:

1. jacket size to the wood CNC router machine right, there is a cross-sectional, not round, wear, bore tapered jacket must not choose, or will cause the handle vibration, no engraving desired results.

2. Be gentle and jacket shank contact, the shank is inserted into the jacket and firmly fastened, if used for too long hole in the jacket is deformed, the jacket must be replaced immediately.

3. The tool should always check the device toughness, if blunt, replace it immediately, if it continues to use not only carved ineffective, will happen Duandao situation.

4, woodworking engraving machine when used to impose, the thickness of the processing can not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge can be responsible Duandao still occur.

5. cutting different materials, it should be reasonable use of cutting speed.

6. The body, clothes, hair may not work too close to the object.

7. Recommended cutting speed to maintain balance, speed as consistent as possible in order to achieve better results, the cutting can not stay too long, you want to go.

8. The tool to use special cleaning agents to remove dirt.

9. butter knives to prevent rusting.

10. The tool can not be polished or change their own shape.

Woodworking engraving machine tool wear reason and judgment
Impact of wood engraving machine tool wear reason:

1, the cutting parameters, including spindle speed, feed rate, route spacing, eat parameter knife depth.

2, tool type, tool information

3, cutting direction

4, way under the knife

5, the cutting fluid

The ATC wood cnc router with independent knife library, it can change required tools automatically during working without stop. The atc 3d engravingmachine is most suitable for engraving intricate patterns, with higher speedand higher efficiency.

This wood machine can do both cutting and 3D engraving works.

Woodworking engraving machine tool wear can determine:

1, the tool can wear, wear of the size, the most direct way is to listen to the sound judgment, if wood carving cnc router machine the sound is very heavy cutting or piercing scream, to clarify the status of the tool is not working properly, then you can stop briefly analysis, if remove the tool their own quality problems, tool clamping problems knife parameter problem, this time should be able to determine that the tool wear, the demand to suspend processing, change tools.

2, after the state of motion processing machine to determine the wear condition of the tool, if the processing parameters, and other settings are reasonable amount of cutting, machining vibration machine is large, issued a “buzz”, this time can be sure that the tool reaches a state of rapid wear demand  change tools.

Mentioned disadvantages engraving machine handle control system and computer control systems

Woodworking engraving machine, although as a fully automated machining equipment, but also the need to complete the relevant control automated processing of production.

Learn CNC woodworking engraving machine friends all know, engraving machine control mode there are two, one is by the DSP handle control system, there is a computer control system, both systems have advantages and disadvantages, according to the daily customers processing methods and processing technology, choose more suited to their control.

Woodworking engraving machine control system handles the advantage is to save space, do not take up computer; the disadvantage is that the operation is relatively trouble, after all, all functions are set on a control panel, the operator can easily press the wrong unskilled function key.

Wood engraving machine computer control system advantage is that you can preview processing effect, you can always see the processing path, if the program is loaded error correction can be timely; CNC router machine drawback is the need to take a computer, increasing the cost of production.

So, for two different control systems, customers in the purchase of CNC engraving machine equipment, according to their processing

characteristics, choose their own control. This would be more reasonable to play workability wood engraving machine, select the appropriate device model and configuration can also reduce production costs to some extent.

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