wood carving cnc router machine can easily operate

Three development direction of woodworking engraving machine.With economic development, more and more widespread application of engraving machine, like woodworking industry hollow plaid, relief carvings, musical instruments, music equipment production, handicraft processing, mahogany furniture, European furniture relief carving, both two-dimensional sculpture.

You can also achieve a three-dimensional processing, wood carving cnc router machine can easily operate. So in the woodworking machinery industry has a great future under the background of natural broad development prospects engraving machinery, widely popular in China woodworking industry, becoming widely used processing machinery.

Wood engraving machine has three directions:

First, the three-dimensional wood engraving machine: flat engraving machine has long been widely used, and the wood CNC router machine application of three-dimensional engraving machine not so popular.

Most major manufacturers are now able to produce three-dimensional engraving machine. The trainers and plotting overall lack of personnel, furniture factory is equipped with three-dimensional scanner application needs.

Our wood carving cnc router machine is mainly used to make wood works, wood router machine can do both cutting and 3D engraving works which are widely used for wood door, furniture, kitchen ware, windows, wood cabinet etc.

Second, multi-process engraving machine and woodworking machining centers: the ordinary single-head engraving machine tool change mode cumbersome, some wooden doors, cabinet companies increasingly use multi-step woodworking engraving machine or machining center instead of a single head engraving machine.

Like woodworking machining centers can achieve more than 8 knives automatic tool change, the operation is more intelligent, more convenient to use.

Third, the furniture production line processing center: equipped with automatic loading and CNC router machine unloading device, the workers simply put the plate into the automatic feeding table, the machine will automatically grab material, positioning, automatic bar code stickers, expected to open automatically and automatically play the vertical hole.

Upon completion of processing, automatic feeding device will be pushed to the plate on the conveyor belt while vacuuming, this time only one person can acess at the next feeding.

We only own brand, trust your brand, we introduced international advanced production technology, with the most professional technicians, to provide users with the design, installation, training, commissioning and maintenance of train services.

Double-speed engraving machine price, the overall use of thicker steel seamless welding, using thick-walled steel beams, compared to traditional aluminum beams sturdy several times, greater stability. Suction clip used to fix one, convenient and flexible. Using high-power vacuum pump, vacuum table six partitions, can adsorb different size plates. Dual head, efficiency 2-4 times.

Imported wood carving cnc router machine linear square rail gauge, double rack, dual stepper motor drive, a larger loading capacity, run more smoothly and longer life.

Although the quoted prices are not the lowest wood engraving machine, but it is the quality and quantity. If our wood engraving machine price you also satisfied, contact us.

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