Wood laser engraving machine suppliers


Wood laser engraving machine with DSP high speed main board ,more convinient and improve the work effiency. suit for fabrics,label,paper boards,leather,embroidery,acrylic ,wooden plates and paper ware, A4 paper, plastic, rubber, marble, granite, stone, handicrafts, decorations, fabric, book paper,glass cup, ceramic, brick, bags, shoes, beans or some other nonmetal materials etc..

Wood laser engraving  machine MT-L640 equipment:

1. 600X400mm work size, stepper motor

2. With electric up and down work table

3. Stand floor is optional

4. 50W/60W laser tube, CW3000 water chiller

5. DSP offline work

6. With smoke pipe, air pump, exhaust fan etc

7. Software support CorelDraw and AutoCAD

8. OEM and colour is customised


From : www.morntech.com

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