wood engraving machine processing procedures

Analytical Duandao reason woodworking engraving machine.1, wood engraving machine processing procedures.Machining program is carving processing instructions, which contains the location of the command and speed command,  wood carving cnc router machine is based on the movement of the machine, so the machining program is correct and whether the tool will directly affect Duandao reasonable.

2, the machine itself
Engraving machine is the executor of engraving, is carving power provider, processing engraving machine is the right choice, if the current state of the engraving machine properly will become Duandao factor.

3, the tool
Engraving machine tool clamping state is also a factor Duandao, such is not the whole tool clamping, runout large, or the depths of the tool length is too long, may cause Duandao.

4. Materials
Carving materials are processed object, if the hardness of the material itself is uneven, there are impurities will cause the cutting knife.

5, workpiece clamping
If the workpiece clamping untrue or not securely clamped will cause Duandao.

6, the cutting fluid

In the processing of hard metal performance significantly.

7, Surroundings
The ATC wood cnc router with independent knife library, it can change required tools automatically during working without stop. The atc 3d engravingmachine is most suitable for engraving intricate patterns, with higher speedand higher efficiency.

This wood machine can do both cutting and 3D engraving works.
For example, there is a vibration source will affect the processing status due Duandao, voltage instability or CNC router machine exceed the scope of work engraving machine machine work led to the abnormal state can cause Duandao around.

Wood engraving machine loading and unloading knife blade should pay attention to those

The tool is a wood engraving machine work is arguably the most easily damaged parts, while most of the knife at the time of loading and unloading the knife damaged, then we pay attention to loading and unloading knife blade should be in those too!

When the first knife, use gasoline or WD40 cleaning agent chuck and pressure cap, there is to pay attention to before clamping chucks match with the selected tool, otherwise the tool can not be installed tight.

At the beginning of the work of  the money going to check whether the tool to intensify. In unloading knife point to note is that to use an air gun to clean pressure cap and rotor shaft before unloading scrap knife.

Wood engraving machine appears EMI solutions
Wood engraving machine electromagnetic interference occurs through the following process, wood engraving machine electromagnetic interference problem can be basically solved.

Wood engraving machine electromagnetic interference can occur following solutions:

1. The installation of the AC power filters to reduce pollution.

2. Use shielded cables to reduce the disturbance of their own.

3. Calls grounded. Point grounding “principle. The power supply filter, the drive PE ground (drive and chassis floor insulation) and direction pulse control pulse PULSE- DIR- shorting cable between the lead after the motor ground wire, drive and motor protective sleeve the drive shielded lines are connected to the grounding screw wood CNC router machine on the chassis wall.

4. prevent cross. For example, in a dual-axis drive system when the two are in the same machine engraving chassis drive device location, try to increase the control line and power line (LN UVW motor driving distance between lines (). Engraving machine a drive toward the nameplate before, the other backwards, and so on the structural arrangement of these leads as short as possible.

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