Wood CNC router machines are high performance

Teach you how to install wood cnc router machine.In daily life, many people may only pay attention to the use of engraving machine, little attention has been installed wood cnc router machine, then the RJ-1118 installation requires attention to

1, the machine after a good place to open a random toolbox, took power wires, aviation plug connection according to the line number, check the circuit is working properly.

2. After the driver is installed, set the internal parameters, open wood carving cnc router machine the machine to see the machine running direction is correct, the trip is accurate.

3. Turn on the computer to install the corresponding driver and application software. (See inside the user manual or CD presentation)

4, after the arrival of the machine, open the packaging machine is removed from the bottom bracket, the machine placed in a horizontal position, put the process, do not bump the machine.

Wood CNC router machines are high performance and high precision on wood cutting,wood engraving. CNC machines for wood are more popular with our customers. Our woodworking CNC router are attractive in price and quality in the market now.

5. surroundings humidity: Sishi zero degree operation to downtime or transport: When the temperature is below zero (within the liquid cooled spindle motor let go) Humidity: Maximum 75% non-condensing (relative humidity) Short-term: 95% (within a month).

How to choose engraving machine tool

1. wood cnc router machine to do acrylic cutting, it is recommended to use a single blade spiral milling, machining features are smokeless, odorless, fast, efficient, non-stick scraps, real CNC router machine environmental protection, and its special manufacturing process to ensure that the processing pressure grams force does not burst mouth, fine knife pattern (or no knife pattern), the surface is smooth. Matte surface machining required to achieve results, we recommend using a double-edged blade three spiral cutter.

2. MDF wood cnc router machine to do cutting, it is recommended to use a double-edged spiral cutter big chip, which has two high-capacity flutes, double-edged design, both have a very good chip function, but also to achieve good tool balance, in the processing of high-density, not black, do not smoke hat, long service life.

3. engraving machine to do cutting aluminum, aluminum is recommended to use a single blade with special cutter. Process sticking knife, fast and efficient.

4. engraving machine to do wood CNC router machine precision machining of small relief recommended round graver.

5. engraving machine to do cork, MDF, native wood, PVC, acrylic large deep relief processing, and recommended using a single blade screw ball end mill.

6. engraving machine to cook the following burr-free cutting, recommend using a single blade, double-edged cutter cut down.

7. engraving machine to do HDF, wood processing recommended edge tooth cutter.

8. engraving machine to do plywood, plywood processing, and recommended the use of double-edged straight groove cutter.

9. engraving machine made of particleboard and other recommended roughing cutter multi stripe.

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