wood cnc router machine work must be wood carving cnc router machine preheated before beginning work

Jinan wood cnc router machine master to teach you how to care for engraving machine.Whether or advertising engraving machine engraving machine or other machinery, need careful to maintenance, maintenance. Jinan engraving machine Master Li said, wood cnc router machine for routine maintenance like their child to take care of.

Master Li summed up the seven major points:

A, wood cnc router machine when power can not be manually forced to move X, Y, Z-axis position;
Second, the machine if the long-term need,  wood carving cnc router machine you should regularly (weekly) fuel idling in order to ensure flexibility in the transmission system.

Third, on a regular basis (depending on usage) to check each machine screws are loose parts to ensure reliable operation of the machine.

Four regularly (depending on usage) to clean dust from the electrical box, check the wiring terminal screws are loose, to ensure that the circuit safe and reliable to use.

Fifth, when the electrical maintenance inspection, be sure to cut off the power supply when the monitor is no display and the main circuit power indicator light goes out before proceeding.

Six, each time the machine after use, pay attention to cleaning, be sure to dust on the platform and drive clean, regular (weekly) on the transmission system (XYZ-axis) lubrication refueling. Guides available Dayou gun oil, screw the need to add 0 # grease or butter

Seven hours of continuous operation 10 hours a day, to ensure the normal operation of the cooling water clean and pumps, water-cooled spindle motor can not appear water shortages, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high. Cooling water inside the tank must be changed once a week, the weather is hot, it is recommended to use ice. Force recommended company provides industrial cooling machine; circulating cooling water is recommended to use the saponification solution;

wood cnc router machine SOPs

Jinan wood carving Factory tutor you how to properly operate, maintenance, wood cnc router machine, in strict accordance with the rules of the engraving machine to operate.

First, Jinan engraving machine prompts you to the external environment in the machine.
l, are not allowed to wear gloves when operating wood cnc router machine machine work.
2, do not move or damage warning signs installed on the machine.

3. Be careful not to place obstacles around the machine, work space should be large enough.
4, when a particular need for the two or more people work together as complete, you should pay attention to coherence between each other.

5, does not allow the use of compressed air to clean the machine, electrical cabinets and NC unit.
Two preparations, wood cnc router machine work before the

1, wood cnc router machine work must be preheated before beginning work, check carefully whether the lubrication CNC router machine system is working properly, as the machine does not start for a long time, can be manually each part of the lubrication.

2, the tool used should be consistent with the specifications of the machine allows, there is serious damage to the tool should be promptly replaced.

3, adjust the tool used in the machine tool not to forget.

4. After installing the tool should be one or two test cuts.

5. Check chuck clamping work state.

Third, Jinan engraving machine working process safety precautions

1, prohibits touch the tip and iron, PU8-24LQ iron hooks must use child or brush to clean.
2, is prohibited by hand or in any other way contact with rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts.
3, prohibits the workpiece measurement process, variable speed, but can not wipe with a cotton silk artifacts, nor cleaning machines.
4, milling operation, the operator may not leave their posts immediately stop the machine found anomalies.
5. Always check the bearing temperature is too high should find the relevant personnel.

6, in the process, are not allowed to open the machine protection door.

7, strict adherence to personal responsibility, wood CNC router machine the use of the machine by hand, others use subject to consent
Fourth, Jinan engraving machine after the work is done Precautions

1, remove the chip, wiping tools, machine tools and keep the environment clean state;

2. Check the oil, coolant, state, time to add or replace;

3, turn off the power and total power on wood cnc router machine operating panel.

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