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Wood cnc router machine solution to electromagnetic interference.Due to some external factors, interference wood cnc router machine engraving work, such as electromagnetic interference, that is, we often encounter the problem of electromagnetic interference is a very serious problem, many customers may not care when using, but this electromagnetic interference phenomenon must be solved wood carving cnc router machine as soon as possible.

Wood cnc router machine stepper motor and drive housing is not made of aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy casing magnetically shielded, high-sensitivity receiver system for causing interference, it can not work, and pollution power, resulting in microcontroller and PC control system can not be communication, causing serious microcontroller crash, caused difficulties for normal use and can be taken the following measures to solve them:

1, the installation of power filters, reducing AC power pollution.

2, the power filter, the drive PE (ground) (drive and chassis floor insulation), control and direction of the pulse pulse PULSE- DIR- short cable between the lead after the motor ground wire, the drive and the motor protective cover the drive was connected to the shield wall wood cnc router machine chassis grounding screw, and require good contact.

3, try to increase the control lines wood CNC router machine and power lines (L, N), away from the motor drive line (U, V, W) between to avoid cross. For example, we are dealing with two dual-axis drive system in the same chassis drive installation position, a forward drive nameplate after another in the direction of, and in the structural arrangement of these leads as short as possible.

CNC woodworking engraving machine is a product of CNC engraving machine industry, which is processed by the engraving machine generalization of the processing industry into a successful transformation.

In the classification of the engraving machine, CNC woodworking machine is specifically for the woodworking industry, for example, doors processing, furniture processing, furniture procession.

4, the use of shielded wire outside interference mitigation for their, or their own (power line) outside interference.

Duandao resolve reason woodworking engraving machine

1, wood cnc router machine processing procedures

Machining program is carving processing instructions, it contains the location of instructions and speed command, is based on the movement of the machine, so the machining program is correct and reasonable tool will directly affect the cutting knife.

2, the machine itself

Engraving machine is the CNC router machine executor of engraving, but also carving power provider, processing engraving machine is the right choice, whether the current state of the engraving machine will become normal Duandao factor.

3, the tool

Clamping state engraving machine tool cutting knife is also a factor, such as tool clamping is not the whole, runout large, deep or tool length is too long may cause the cutting knife.

4. Materials

Carving materials are processed object if the hardness of the material itself is uneven, there are impurities will cause the cutting knife.

5, the workpiece clamping

If the workpiece clamping fixture is not untrue or firm will cause Duandao.

6, cutting fluid

In the processing of hard metal performance significantly.

7, the surrounding environment

For example, the vibration source will affect the processing status due Duandao, voltage instability or exceed the scope of work of engraving machine tools working conditions lead to abnormalities can also cause the cutting knife around.

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