Wood cnc router machine spindle components in the manufacture

Rotary engraving machine error is how it formed.Wood cnc router machine spindle components in the manufacture, assembly and use, subject to various factors, such as roundness error spindle shaft diameter, concentricity error before supporting shaft diameter, bearing their own manufacturing error and wear, spindle deflection and support end face of the vertical axis error, and the impact force or thermal deformation, so that the spindle axis of rotation CNC router machine at each spatial location are changing moment, causing the axis of the drift, the formation of rotation errors.

(1) the angle of the swing angle refers to the instantaneous rotation axis of the swing shaft and the rotary shaft down into an average inclination angle, which catch position fixed drift motion. Affect the accuracy of its shape the workpiece is large, such as the swing angle of the main shaft will produce cylindrical bore cylindrical or error, so that the hole boring generated oval.

(2) refers to the axis of the spindle runout axial movement of the instantaneous axis of rotation sliding average axial rotation axis of the drift motion. Axial movement of the spindle error mainly affects the axial end faces of the workpiece and dimensional accuracy. Such as when the car face, due to axial movement of the workpiece suddenly close, sometimes far away from the tool, so that the end face of the workpiece to produce flatness error; when threading, also due to the increase of the axial play of the spindle pitch error of the workpiece.

Typically, the average position of the instantaneous axis of rotation of each spindle, i.e., the average rotational axis, instead of the rotational axis can not determine the ideal position.

Wood CNC router machine

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(3) radial runout radial runout refers to the instantaneous axis of rotation parallel to the axis of rotation average
Radial axis of the drift motion, radial runout errors or outer diameter of the main spindle turning workpiece bore roundness error is generated, and increasing the surface roughness of the workpiece.

After the general assembly machine debugging to engraving milling machine table, to ensure flatness; positioning accuracy errors affect the size of the workpiece, is mainly determined by the accuracy of the screw, the control system’s ability to compensate, the ambient temperature changes. When processing more than 300 mm range, you must consider the impact wood carving cnc router machine on the size of the workpiece positioning accuracy; repeat positioning accuracy mainly affects multi-tool machining, multi-step processing. Engraving machines generally use the roller screw drive, no crawling phenomenon can be achieved micro-feed.

Repeat accuracy depends mainly on the control accuracy. Rack drive precision engraving machine engraving machine screw drive than the wood CNC router machine lower. Only the indicators meet the requirements mentioned above are to be considered a qualified woodworking engraving machine. These precision are mutually influence each other constraints, a non-compliance would affect another precision machine. If the machine is not standard, then the process is certainly out of something to talk about and no precision.

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