wood cnc router machine operating various software

wood cnc router machine plant environmental requirements.wood cnc router machine operating various software

After more than through a variety of training, after explaining and understanding assessment operator training personnel: the operator to operate the safety and operational training considerations, after being trained by personnel authorized to sign on operational safety precautions, the operator before proceeding with the machine operator training.

Performance ambient temperature and humidity control system a major influence, driving performance of the motor. When the ambient temperature is too high, the control system may occur error control, and driving a motor drive torque may not rated.

Dust is a major killer of electronic components, mainly affecting the sensitivity of the heat, the photosensitive element of electronic components. Common phenomenon include light detection failure, the computer’s CPU fan does CNC router machine not turn and so on. Therefore, to regularly clean your computer and control the dust inside the electrical box to ensure the normal operation of stone cnc router machine

Impact cnc router machine working environment factors include the surrounding environment, including power supply, vibration, ambient temperature and humidity, dust, lightning and so on.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B mainly used for 3d works. Like wood furniture, wood door, wood cabinet, pvc board, acrylic sheets etc.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B equipment:

(1) 1300X2500mm work size, stepper motor

(2) 4.5KW water cooling spindle

(3) DSP hand controller( easy to learn and operate)

(4)Rack gear transmission, Z ball screw

(5) Taiwan imported square orbit, oiling systerm

(6) 6 zones vacuum table and T-slot

(7) Two bags dust collector and 5.5KW vacuum pump

(8) Ucancam V9 software

Impact cnc router machine for processing power supply is the most direct, mainly for the control system disorders. Various electronic devices cnc router wood carving cnc router machine machine control system, each feature has a certain voltage and frequency range. Overload operation will inevitably lead to instability in any part of the whole system, the most common phenomenon is processed deviation.

Reflected the effects of vibration Duandao frequent surface is not smooth. Common reason is to touch the machine processing, machine installation level degree qualified, surrounded punch.
Bas-relief cnc router machine technology

Bas-relief cnc router machine technology:

Bas-relief from the bit lower body compression bigger, stronger sense of the plane, close to a greater extent in the form of painting.

It does not depend on spatial entities to create spatial effects, and greater use of paintings depicting the way or perspective, illusion and other more abstract approach to cause compression space, which will help strengthen the relief? Suitable carrier dependent.

Bas-relief cnc router machine with high relief corresponding to a relief techniques, designs and patterns are carved shallow convex underside, which landed This technique is popular in the late Qing Dynasty, the lettering, etc. particularly common.

That sculpture shallow, less hierarchical cross, its depth wood CNC router machine is generally not more than 2 mm, bas-relief checkmark line stringent requirements.

Common to the line and face a combination of methods to enhance three-dimensional picture, in relief: “underground” something deeper than the bas-relief, the level of change is also more generally to a depth of 2-5 mm child, but also determines the thickness of the wall of the bore its depth.

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