Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B mainly used for 3d works

wood cnc router machine trigger limit switch signal failure.Role: to control the engraving machine operating range and mechanical origin of each axis by limit switches.

How it works: The limit switches are generally used metal sensitive limit switch, when a metal infinitely close to the switch, limit switch to change the polarity of the signal emitted by the photoresistor signal to control the machine wood carving cnc router machine stops.

Analysis: The limit switch is triggered, said axial extension of carved wood cnc router machine has been moved to the extreme position, the machine automatically stops the machine protection. The solution is to limit the location of the machine to exit and return to Rio carving engraving machine work area recovery after the limit switch, this time before the machine is working properly.

Abnormal: If Rio carving engraving machine limit switch is triggered unknown reason, it is the extension carving engraving machine somewhere out of trouble, or the limit switch is damaged, then please maintenance staff to fix that.

1. Open Ncstudio Weihong software, click on the “Operation” – “Limit Trigger” pop-up window can not be closed, moving the opposite direction through the software limit shaft, re-enter the engraving area, you can close the “trigger limit” window .

2, if the machine does not enter the axial limit position, does not touch the switch, the switch may be damaged or the switching lines are often easily or interference.

3, Weihong control light even damage the card and the need to control the card back to the factory for repair or replacement Weihong card.

wood cnc router machine engraved characters very slow because
Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B mainly used for 3d works. Like wood furniture, wood door, wood cabinet, pvc board, acrylic sheets etc.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B equipment:

(1) 1300X2500mm work size, stepper motor

(2) 4.5KW water cooling spindle

(3) DSP hand controller( easy to learn and operate)

(4)Rack gear transmission, Z ball screw

(5) Taiwan imported square orbit, oiling systerm

(6) 6 zones vacuum table and T-slot

(7) Two bags dust collector and 5.5KW vacuum pump

(8) Ucancam V9 software

Customers with a carved wood cnc router machine 14 centimeters of characters, some strokes to and fro among the machine many times, the processing time is very long. Usually do a seventy-eight cm word wood CNC router machine will soon be able to get, which is what causes it.

When doing 3D engraving path If you choose the “island processing methods” in areas that are not cutting tool will produce some islands, the system will calculate a route based on selected islands island processing methods, the path will be more dense islands in general, but also is carving time will increase a lot.

Like this case, we can choose to do a large tool angle toolpath, or the depth of the carving carving deeper, islands produced this way will be a lot less, or no islands of. Direct Select “rough milling cutter bottom” on it, the “island processing methods” removed. So you do not order wood cnc router machine engraving slow death and worry about.

wood cnc router machine engraving depth on both sides of the uneven platform how to do

Carved in the side of the platform is very clear, the depth of satisfaction, quality is very good, but on the other side is very vague, shallow depth, poor quality.

Cause: platform is not level.

Solution: Use the Focus tool to measure the focal length of the four corners of the platform, the platform height difference should be within the range of +/- 0.20 inches, if the case needs to be adjusted…

Cause: The laser beam is no pair.

Solution: Check the adjustment of the laser beam.

Cause: the conical section of the direction of air booster deviation (with an air booster models).

Solution: Check and adjust the precise direction of this part.
Cause: The laser tube is not working properly

Solution: Replace the laser tube.

Cause: focal length allowed.

Solution: Re-focus.

Cause: The laser system is dirty.

Solution: Clean all optical components, CNC router machine rails, bearings and belts.

Cause: The material thickness is not level or inconsistent.
Solution: Check the different positions of the focal length, the use of more uniform thickness material.

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