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Buy wood cnc router machine do not just look to see price.Flourish engraving machine industry, on the one hand to promote the continuous improvement of process manufacturers to improve product quality, on the other hand, they only petty some manufacturers have begun to fish.

If you find that a number of visits words: wood cnc router machine manufacturers are numerous, but most of them are cottage, truly large-scale production of large manufacturers also so few. 2008 economic crisis, the intense competition in the original wood cnc router machine industry pushed the cusp, many small manufacturers market price war in order to compete for customers omission concealed configuration, the machine comes standard replacement Worse, shoddy, many customers have problems not solved in use, it will woodworking engraving machine market upsets a mess.

Customers understand and wood CNC router machine study engraving machine device, usually more than asking price, but different manufacturers reported that the price is a big difference, and some even a big difference! In an increasingly transparent wood cnc router machine costs today, the same configuration price will not vary a lot. But the hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of difference, so honorable to God, you will need to deliberate the.

The price difference of about a few hundred or a thousand, it may be engraving machine manufacturers sizes, different service, prices differ; the price difference is too large, that configuration is definitely a “trick” of. Take for wood cnc router machine, according to the standard configuration, the basic parts, as well as the most reasonable design, each price should be more than 45,000, but many actually offer 30,000 or less, it seems the same wood cnc router machine but the price difference is so big, you think that normal?

Many customers certainly do not understand why there is such a big difference! As the saying goes: you pay for! Domestic wood cnc router machine manufacturers are now so much competition is so fierce, and certainly would not have such a high profit! Then you need to consider the configuration of the machine, a customer had made a peer configuration, compared with really terrible, the price is so low is not surprising.

Wood CNC router machine

Wood CNC router machines are high performance and high precision on wood cutting,wood engraving. CNC machines for wood are more popular with our customers. Our woodworking CNC router are attractive in price and quality in the market now.

Do not think that the nature of work to buy a clear engraving machine can dry all the words, the manufacturers of the engraving machine into a variety of models, is to deal with a variety of processing tasks. For example, you buy a mold-class engraving machine to carve color plates, or buy a large engraving machine to carve seals, which are causing huge waste, but it will not get good results. So before you purchase, be sure to fully explain salespeople work CNC router machine content, including the size of the workpiece material material, material thickness, weight, eventually carving effect and requirements, etc.

Select the appropriate model for the first time to purchase a small advertising sign shop, the main production of three-dimensional characters light board, the word crystal, color plates, badges and other use purposes, should buy advertising level, but also on further refinement in the machine configuration, as the main job of color plates, you must configure the floating heads, because it ensures that the large version-face color plate engraving time word the same depth, but mainly used to cut plexiglass crystal word, entertaining more powerful optional 800W spindle. Otherwise, use low-power high-precision spindle long do heavy work, it will accelerate bearing wear, loss of accuracy.

Generally, wood carving cnc router machine less than 600mm below the engraving machine format, suitable for engraving color plates and other fine living, but more suitable for sawing words, do some major brand flat. Format in around 600mm engraving machine is universal, both as color plates and the like and deliberately, they saw the word can be used for menial jobs.

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