wood CNC router machine lubrication

wood CNC router machine parts lubrication knowledge.Woodworking engraving machine.
For wood engraving machine maintenance, research experts have a few ideas: Notice cleanup schedule and machine parts lubrication, wood engraving machine is in use, wood carving cnc router machine there will be quite a lot of dust and impurities into, resulting in a large screw drive bearing resistance. The key is that we need the relevant parts lubricated engraving machine: wood engraving machine engraving machine

(1)wood CNC router machine lubrication: X, Y, Z-axis screw, light pole.

(2) wood engraving machine lubricating composition: a mixture of oil and butter, and easy too thick.

(3) engraving machine lubrication cycle: Depending on the work environment and the machine working time, usually after work every day to clean out debris. Monthly various parts of fuel, high-speed idling lubrication.

(4) wood engraving machine lubrication methods: When triaxial lubricated, available within the hexagonal wrenches six anti-screw coupling between the motor shaft and tighten the screw head on, because the mechanical parts to prevent loosening and triaxial cause dislocation.

(5) wood engraving machine lubrication steps: lubricated before the first screw, nut and bearing rails above the impurities removed if removal can not afford to be used to clean gasoline, and then gradually increase after the injection of the lubricant were idling speed that hold the plate, the run-axis.

How to know whether the perfect wood engraving machine at work.
Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B

This woodworking machine is economical type which with whole steel structure.

Adopting advanced DSP system, easy to learn and operate.
Y spindle adopts double motors to drive

High strength steel tube jointing.

It divided into 6 vacuum table-board.

With dust collect and vacuum table .

Woodworking engraving machine
A wood engraving machine, how do you know this machine in practice whether it can achieve the desired effect!

First, a wood engraving machine in order to carve out something perfect, inseparable from the precision engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine and precision reflected in the device between the vertical axis, flatness, positioning accuracy, repeatability of positioning accuracy CNC router machine and other parameters.

It is also important that when you look at the  big pitch milling cutter flat plane, flat surface uneven. If the uneven surface of the workpiece will be carved out uneven.

Finally, it depends on the screw wood engraving machine, usually see is the accuracy of the screw, the ability to control compensation, changes in ambient temperature of the system.

The quality of the finished product will have a crucial role in this. Wood engraving machine reminded in the selection must pay attention.

How engraving machine maintenance and repair
Woodworking engraving machine

Wood engraving machine applications more  widely, to good use in the advertising industry, mold industry, woodworking industry and so on. The current domestic woodworking machinery products used in furniture production is tending to gentrification.

Woodworking engraving machine routine maintenance and repair work can not be ignored content, below, and we talk about the specific knowledge of the maintenance area.

1. After each use, woodworking engraving machine, must be cleaned, dust engraving machines on the platform and drive train must be clean. In addition, traditional systems require periodic lubrication of fuel wood engraving machine.

2. If not used for long wood engraving machine, the machine should be regular weekly fuel idling, the transmission system in order to ensure flexibility.

3. engraving machine continuous running time should be 10 hours a day or less, to ensure the normal wood CNC router machine operation and the cooling water pump clean. Another water-cooled spindle motor must not make water shortages occur, the cooling water should be changed regularly to prevent the water temperature is too high.

4. Is based on the use of terminals to check for loose screws, wood engraving machine regular cleaning dust electrical box to ensure safety circuit woodworking engraving machine, use and reliable.

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