Wood cnc router machine is one of the main products

wood cnc router machine to bring the Gospel to the furniture industry.Wood cnc router machine is one of the main products, has been well received by new and old customers CNC router machine fancied woodworking industry for the production and processing industry, especially furniture production provides a powerful device support!

Appear wood cnc router machine, changing the furniture manufacturing handmade situation before today’s society. Handmade, although you can complete the processing and production of furniture products, however, handmade only inefficient, but also supplies more waste, processing quality can not be guaranteed.

Relative to the handmade, the wood cnc router machine is not only able to produce sleek, cheap and stable quality of all types of furniture, and automated and mechanized furniture production process, improve production efficiency and reduce waste of supplies to ensure furniture production quality wood CNC router machine and quantity.

wood cnc router machine is the most common furniture production machinery is the most common one, is selling the product. In the furniture production process, engraving machine can be processed according to the pattern file ahead of carpentry materials for cutting, carving or matting. Different wood cnc router machine can process different furniture styles, wood panels, three-dimensional relief engraving machine can be used for production and processing, to meet customer demand for the product.

With the progress and development of society, we will combine research and industry needs engraving machines up to provide more satisfactory wood cnc router machine for woodworking industry customers, so that our products and woodworking industry has a better tomorrow !

wood cnc router machine usually use precautions and maintenance

During use of wood cnc router machine, usually should pay attention to the following points:

1, after the scheduled finish carving position, must be X, Y, Z axis of the workpiece coordinate all classified as “0.”

2, appears a good tune engraving speed and spindle motor speed to prevent too fast when carving, speed is too slow and the cutting knife.

3, automatically when the knife, pay attention to the knife block must be insulated with aluminum table engraving machine.

4, carving knife if the first did not grasp or afraid of making mistakes, you can adjust the feed rate slower then normal speed carving feel normal repatriation; also in empty carving process simulation to see if normal.

5, if not used for long wood cnc router machine, regular weekly fuel idling, preferably every week, in order to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

6, wood engraving wood carving cnc router machine machine requires continuous running time is 10 hours / day or less; ensure the normal operation of the cooling water clean and pumps, water-cooled spindle motor can not appear water shortages, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high, the cycle water as much as possible, you can change a large capacity tank.

7, each with finished wood cnc router machine, pay attention to clean up, it must be dust on the platform and drive clean; regularly drive system X, Y, Z-axis lubrication refueling.

8, the operator is best when operating wood cnc router machine should wear dust masks and protective eyewear to prevent dust generated during processing into the human body, causing discomfort.

9, wood cnc router machine routine maintenance method to be in wood cnc router machine plus a dust removal device, select dusting equipments.

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