Wood cnc router machine is in use

Wood cnc router machine winter maintenance considerations.Wood cnc router machine is in use, a lot of failures are due to a number of small causes, develop some good habits, meticulously maintained, double-check before work, can effectively reduce the failure, and greatly extended service life.

A wood cnc router machine winter maintenance considerations maintenance of equipment, and a device has not been maintained, its life span can vary several times, I hope the majority of users do not overlook the value of maintenance.
Low-speed warm-boot.

1,morning boot, each friction surface rails, bearings and other oil loss or produce condensation. Boot stop or slow running, so the components adequately lubricated, can effectively reduce equipment failure.

2, because the thermal expansion and contraction, in the morning the machine large gap between the transmission parts, prone to impact wear. First performed at low speed after each boot components, parts can heat Peng Zhang, bearings and other parts of the stream so that the gap tends to normal after the start of the work, which can effectively extend equipment life, reduce failure.

3, due to wood engraving machine adopts water-cooled spindle, when the ambient temperature is low, the system really cold and prone to freezing, causing the water cycle interruption, spindle, etc. can not really cold, cracking pipes, tanks severe icing. The manufacturer recommends adding antifreeze or using heating rods heated.

Our wood carving cnc router machine is mainly used to make wood works, wood router machine can do both cutting and 3D engraving works which are widely used for wood door, furniture, kitchen ware, windows, wood cabinet etc
Winter wood engraving confidential must be noted that several elements:

1) Make sure the pump is working properly lubricated, and after preheating to work.

2) must ensure that the correct cold fluid flow and avoid condensation temperature is too low to produce, because the wood CNC router machine cold is not really clear to make knives and other cooling is not timely.

3) After work, if it can not guarantee non-condensing coolant tank, the best water poured out, and discharged within the spindle and coolant pipes to prevent freezing lead to blockage or rupture.

4) The pouring coolant, do not forget the next day have to rejoin the tank, and low-speed operation, ensure normal water outlet.

5) timely clean cutting fluid impurities, avoid clogging inside the spindle, CNC router machine resulting in cold cycle is not smooth, and so on.

6) timely clean up the machine in chips, to avoid pushing the plot drainage caused by the blockage or stroke disorder, and may even lead to the machine and therefore malfunction.
ATC wood cnc router machine tool changer has many components, different structures have different characteristics.

Rotating turret tool change according  to different processing objects, can be designed in various forms Quartet turret and turret were installed on more than the rotary turret press ATC instruction numerical control device.

Rotary tool holder in the structure must have good strength and rigidity to withstand the cutting resistance when roughing. Since the machining accuracy depends largely on the tip means in respect of CNC engraving machine, the process is not carried out manually adjust the position of the tool tip, so the more necessary to select reliable positioning solutions and rational positioning structure to ensure rotary tool holder after each translocation, with the highest possible repeat positioning accuracy.

ATC wood cnc router machine tool changer according to different devices also differ. For example, the word hypotenuse engraving machine, need to have a replacement tool change spindle head, usually with both horizontal and vertical, and the Tower of translocation commonly turn to replace the spindle head, in order to achieve automatic tool changer.

In each spindle head turret, install a rotating each step required when issuing ATC instruction, wood carving cnc router machine each spindle head turn to the processing location and change through the main campaign, so that the corresponding spindle is rotated, while other spindle is not working positions are disengaged from the main movement.

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