Wood CNC router machine engraving dislocation occurs is what causes it












Wood CNC router machine engraving reason dislocation.Wood CNC router machine engraving dislocation occurs is what causes it. Today to share with everyone together.

1, because the body itself: a component on the CNC router machine in question, or a little loose, there is a surface impurities will also be misplaced imagination as loose coupling, the bad, all will appear misplaced. rail, the fuel is not cleaned screw time dislocation occurs.

2, the drive causes: the drive itself or the electronic components inside the structure in question also will cause dislocation, the reason is that most, if not many times that occurred, and to put a low speed, sometimes normal. this shows that the carving was not completely broken drive, if it is a start carving on the dislocation has described the drive is completely broken, which can repair or worse drive.

Wood cutting cnc router machine MT-C25B

This woodworking machine is economical type which with whole steel structure.

a.Adopting advanced DSP system, easy to learn and operate.

b.Y spindle adopts double motors to drive

c.High strength steel tube jointing.

d.It divided into 6 vacuum table-board.

e.With dust collect and vacuum table .

3, because the interface board, motherboard, adapter plate: if the interface board, motherboard, adapter plate is broken, the machine is in the process of working in one direction or the three axes are not moving, so will result in carving dislocation.

Wood CNC router machine engraving limit phenomenon

Wood CNC router machine is widely applied, so that the production scale of enterprises has been expanded, engraving quality has been improved. Some new users just touch wood CNC router machine, carving some tips and do not understand the problem, to the production caused some impact. Here, I will explain the phenomenon of wood CNC router machine engraving limit

In the event of wood CNC router machine engraving limit phenomena should first analyze what causes the limit is Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong engraving machine equipment, mainly carved paths and settings. So, first check whether the path carved carving range exceeded ; secondly, the engraving machine software parameters set soft limit check both easy questions, you can simulate to test whether there is a fault sculpture, then carving carving avoid unnecessary failure.

We hope that through the introduction of new and old customers can bring help. If you encounter other problems in use, please call to tell us, we will try to resolve it. In this, I sincerely look forward to your visit.

How to solve the engraving machine malfunction alarm

We use them in the process, will encounter a variety of fault alarm wood carving cnc router machine malfunction is one of them overtravel alarm, indicating that the machine during operation has reached its limit for the position, please check the following steps:

1, the design of the graphic size is beyond the range of processing.

2. Check the motor shaft and screw machine cable is loose, if it does not, tighten the screws.
3, the machine and the computer is properly grounded.

4, the current coordinate value exceeds the soft limit value range.

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