Wood cnc router machine cutter optional basis

About wood cnc router machine market analysis.In the woodworking industry trend, followed by wood carving woodcnc router machine production industry trend, has been widely used in the modeling industry, advertising and gift making, furniture, packaging, wood and other industries life.

High-precision cnc router machine processing applications such as cutting, scribing, drilling, and other relief are the use of CNC router machine  high-intensity pulses every step of the material system carving.

1. Advertising industry: acrylic, color plates, PVC, ABS plate, aluminum plate engraving and cutting, all kinds of signs, badges, seat plate, copper, font, font, all kinds of logos, trademarks and other materials.

2 crafts industry: artificial stone crafts, Making all kinds of text, graphics on souvenirs.

3 mold: architectural models, mock-ups, bronzing mold, high frequency mold, micro-injection molding, shoe mold, badges, embossing dies, biscuits, chocolate, candy molds.

4 furniture industry: seat sculpture, carved wooden doors, carved the home improvement industry.

5 tho wood carvings: coffin relief carving, line engraving.
Wood cnc router machine cutter optional basis

The wood carving cnc machine is widely used in various industries, such as:

* Woodindustry: wood door, furniture, kitchen ware, windows, woodcabinet, screen, computer desk and other panel furniture etc

*Advertising industry: advertising signs, acrylic cutting and some other materials.

* Craft gift industry: 3D wood cnc router can be used for produce all kinds of shadow carving and relief.
The nature of the material to be cut

Wood cutting wood and wood objects are composites. Wood can be divided into soft wood, hard wood and wood modification etc.; wood composites including laminated veneer lumber, plywood, particleboard, OSB, waferboard, gypsum particleboard, cement particleboard, hardboard, medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard.

Blockboard, glued wood carving cnc router machine timber and so on. Some wood or wood composite artifacts but also through single-sided or double-sided decorative veneer processing.

Cutting direction

When cutting wood, wood  fiber according to the direction of relative blade will cut into the wood longitudinal, transverse, and longitudinal end to end to the vertical and horizontal and transverse to the cutting end.

Tool rotation direction and the feed direction

According to the direction of rotation of the workpiece and the machine tool axis timber feed direction, determine the tilt direction of the tool cutting edge.

Tool and the workpiece stability

Stability of the tool and the workpiece in the cutting process includes several aspects, refers to the stability of the workpiece in machining workpieces of wood smooth feeding wood CNC router machine without the risk of beating. Take measures to strengthen the stability of the workpiece mainly lower center of gravity and increase the contact area of the workpiece.

Machined surface quality requirements

The timber comprises a surface roughness of the workpiece surface quality, the positional accuracy of the geometrical size and shape.

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