Wood cnc router machine body manufacturing process

Technological innovation wood cnc router machine.Wood cnc router machine body manufacturing process: power engraving machine body when work requirements must be precise and stable. Temporary power carving CNC router machine casting body should ensure its ability precision and stability.

Mold industry: carving a variety of molds. Aviation propeller, wood mold. Automotive foam mold. Foam foam mold engraving machine set off car boom, foam carving machine is engraved 2006 Beijing Bo has been committed to the automotive mold industry, for the many high-tech enterprises to provide automotive foam mold engraving machine equipment, for him to improve the effectiveness of a new level .

Allowed to work naked arm. In order to avoid accidents. Relief engraving machine before blasting work required to wear protective equipment. Shall not be less than two at work. Sandblasting process to prohibit approaching.

User during use. Try different outlets can effect within the first graphics do different gray fill (text first converted graphics) engraving monochrome output selection. Accuracy is generally no more than 500dpi easily carving and cutting. Light-colored wood such as birch, wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing data.
Wood CNC router machine

Wood CNC router machines are high performance and high precision on wood cutting,wood engraving. CNC machines for wood are more popular with our customers. Our woodworking CNC router are attractive in price and quality in the market now.

Cherry or maple easily be laser vaporization. Some dense some, and thus more suitable for carving. Each timber plate production has its own characteristics. Such as hardwood, will use more power when laser engraving or cutting. Recommend unfamiliar wood carving before, we must first study sculpture features.

Has become a major attraction tombstone engraving machine, the appearance of the transformation of wood cnc router machine and the machine’s technological innovation in recent years. wood cnc router machine also has passed woodworking exhibition, wood carving cnc router machine international propaganda network, victory out of the country, rushed dozens of countries and regions worldwide.

And various countries around the world to create a sales agent.
Improve the quality and service, said the corporate culture as “the product price of its privileged. Market share expand from time to time, and gradually establish a position in the industry. Now, with enthusiasm innovation from time to time, I will develop the brand, product diversification, will become better and better products dedicated to users.

How to judge the quality of wood cnc router machine, wood cnc router machine performance measure factors are many, not only is the overall configuration of the machine, the more important is the assembly accuracy of the machine, which is mainly reflected in the device between the vertical axis, flatness, positioning accuracy and repeatability of positioning accuracy and other wood CNC router machine parameters. Perpendicularity between the axis of the main impact of the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, a typical example of a large degree when the XY-axis is perpendicular to the diagonal of the rectangle are not equal, Z-axis perpendicular to the XY plane and a greater degree of performance is typically a large flat blade pitch plane milling when the uneven surface; flatness mainly affects difficulty plates, leveling the workpiece.

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