wood cnc router machine automatically when you take the knife

Wood cnc router machine for safe operation 10 Note.1) pre-operation inspection engraving machine handle all parts is normal, according to the provisions of filling oil, and low-speed test run 1 to 2 minutes, it can be operated.

(2)should be put on the front work clothes, working women to wear hats, gloves worn when operating strictly prohibited.

(3) to secure the workpiece clamping. Handling, knife, measuring, speed, tighten the spindle and clean the machine, must be parked in the engraving machine spindle.

(4) engraving machine bench prohibit placing measuring tools, parts and other debris.

(5) engraving machine to start, check the mutual position of the workpiece and the cutter is appropriate.

(6) wood cnc router machine automatically when you take the knife, the handle and threaded to be disengaged; Workbench can not go two extreme positions, the stopper should be placed firmly.

(7) wood cnc router machine operation is prohibited by hand or with a cotton cleaning tools, people can not stand the tangential direction of the cutter, but not mouth blown chips.

(8) wood cnc router machine table with front lifts move, you must loosen the screws; when not moving, tighten the nut.

Wood CNC router machines are high performance and high precision on wood cutting,wood engraving. CNC machines for wood are more popular with our customers. Our woodworking CNC router are attractive in price and quality in the market now.

(9) Arbor, rod, chuck and tool to be installed in front of the boot and tighten, not to use wood cnc router machine spindle dynamic change to help loading and unloading.

(10) Training should be finished off the power, cleaning machine, engraving machine and operating handle in space, moved to the middle of the table.
How to improve the efficiency of wood wood carving cnc router machine engraving machine

When the process of carving heads do not move too much pressure, the pressure over the General Assembly led to carve things moving. Pliers or chuck tight can also cause this error

Check the sculpture chosen pliers or chuck if the wrong simultaneously. Tip contact is instantaneously carvings also cause material to be ejected engraving.

And it is therefore easy to iron carved object damage or make it fall in the engraving process. Because of the engraving machine is often equipped with multifunctional pliers or chuck. Use mold engraving machine should pay special attention. Then use some rubber caps or rubber tube is fixed there carvings for help. You can repost the tape posted on the CNC router machine opposite side of carved wood cnc router machine object.

For engraving plastic patterns. Taped side and then sprayed with a liquid spray, after which it was posted on an appearance aside, this can prevent the use wood CNC router machine of double-sided tape, leaving difficult to clean appearance.

Because application tape easy to peel and clean. The use of specialized carved tape, the tape on one side is stronger than the other side of the viscous, thus the plate can be moved or replaced arbitrarily.

For those irregular shaped objects were carved on the exterior seems to have been fixed very tight when subjected under pressure will sway back and forth. At this point, you can try some of the waste in an object beneath the pad to increase friction.

The other is keeping material carrying the packaging, although irregularly shaped object is carried by its own package, but may be very regular and easy to be fixed, together with a small straps, irregularly shaped objects can easily be fixed or try the tool fixed its rules of the site, and give up its irregular site.

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