wood carving cnc router machine achievement individuality crafts

wood carving cnc router machine achievement individuality crafts

In an era full of flamboyant nowadays, a lot of fashion’s white-collar workers, like to give love object in the arts and crafts, engraved or personalized language under the most romantic pattern.

Although you can do this in the past, but only after a good arts and crafts style you have chosen, in order to get our hands on for at least another one week later. And if you choose the crafts shop, there are sets of wood engraving machine, then three to five minutes will be able to get everything, even the signature is your own handwriting!
Lovers the world is willing to remember this “moment”, says not time, but money refreshing wood carving cnc router machine.
This small engraving machine, you can perform a variety of highly difficult carving skills.

The operator did not need carved professional skills, as long as “what you want” to operate a computer, can be optional text on the computer, graphics, perfect surface is now on the customer to buy handicrafts.

According to the manufacturer reports, on the eve of “Valentine’s Day” this year,has launched the “lovers the world is willing to remember this moment,” the theme of promotional activities, skillfully show time “at this moment” as replacement performance engraving machine, “carved”, and interested businesses by way of lease engraving machine, try before purchase.

The results during the “Valentine’s Day”, who buy or lease industrial wood carving cnc router machine shop, as can fully meet the individual needs of the customer, and do Lidengkequ, thus sales climbing higher than other similar counter out of more than 50%. Many profit handicraft factory wood CNC router machine bosses are excited to praise engraving machine is a machine can lay golden eggs.
Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B

This woodworking machine is economical type which with whole steel structure.

Adopting advanced DSP system, easy to learn and operate.

Y spindle adopts double motors to drive
High strength steel tube jointing.

It divided into 6 vacuum table-board.

With dust collect and vacuum table .

Spindle wood engraving machine selection and fault analysis
wood carving cnc router machine

For wood carving cnc router machine, its spindle one of the most important components in when we purchase must be clearly judged. For the convenience of our customers we have, for the selection of wood engraving machine spindle made the following recommendations, there is a demand customers take a serious look at:

1. If the pursuit CNC router machine of processing efficiency wood carving cnc router machine, the processing is necessary to speed, while eating knife volume is large, such as processing of wood materials, need more power 3KW spindle motor.

2. engraving machine spindle motor is using high-precision bearings, precision bearings, if not used, the performance is a long time after the high-speed rotation of the spindle motor overheating, affecting the life of the spindle motor.

3. Listen whether engraving machine spindle rotating at different speeds, even without the noisy sound of voices, especially high-speed rotation is uniform and harmonious sound.

4. See if wood carving cnc router machine spindle radial force. Can high-speed cutting is mainly hard texture of the material.

Some spindle only cutting of hard materials at very low speeds, at high speed cutting of wood carving cnc router machine hard materials, it will seriously lose spindle turn. This engraving machine spindle affect the accuracy after a period of time, or even failure.

Because the spindle will directly affect the processing speed and precision engraving machine, so please customers in the purchase of wood engraving machine, be sure to engraving machine spindle components were demanding consideration, so as not to work with after production to unnecessary disruption.

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