With respect to the radical plus engraving machine has a great advantage in terms of laser engraving has a flexible

Advantages of traditional craft laser engraving machine applications and compared to industry

With respect to the radical plus engraving machine has a great advantage in terms of laser engraving has a flexible, cut every narrow, non-contact processing, small deformation of the workpiece, without subsequent processing characteristics. So excited

First, the electrical and electronic industry: DVDVCD amplifier, cell phones, computers, air conditioners, perming and other electrical panel; development speed.

Second, trademark clothing industry: Alien cloth, appliqu pieces, and portable laser engraving machine prices the pieces cut openwork cloth, non-woven; cutting speed, laser automatically catcher, can cut intricate shaped trademark.

Proofing fast, edge effects, suitable for a single small batch production. Third, the jewelry industry: acrylic crafts, hair jewelry, crystal words, bamboo crafts, acrylic and wooden frames.

Also available in volume production. Four, advertising: advertising displays, display stands, signage, signs, light boxes; proofing fast, edge effects, both for individual small batch production.

Fifth, leather and leather industry: carved lettering, punching, cutting: no mold, good processing effect, fine high.

Sixth, the model industry: construction, aviation, marine models, puzzles, building blocks; suitable for small batch production.

Mostly flat appearance disposal. Seven, furniture manufacture: wood cutting, carving.

Eight, packaging and printing industry: paper products, desktop laser engraving machine cutting board, carton bags, rubber plate printing: fine cut, low interest rates.

Nine, insulation products industry: bakelite, mica, membrane switches, conductive paper, foam pad: No Die, proofing fast.

Ten, non-metallic sculpture Industry: glasses, watches, bathroom, signs, easy to friction, environmental protection, fine character

XI, computer communications industry: translucent keys, all kinds of plastic shell, IC ceramics and the like;

Optical processing is widely used in various industries, mainly for processing information is plexiglass (acrylic) standard cloth fabric, wood, leather, paper marble engraving machine, resins, plastics, ceramics, crystal glass, marble, metal and other materials .

Edge effects, no mold, polishing.
Laser engraving machine and laser marking machine engraving effect of contrast
Engraving Range comparison: laser engraving machine engraving range, the same effect within home laser engraving machine the scope of any engraving, which greatly ensure the yield of the product; laser marking machine a bit lacking, not only marking range i small and large format engraving range i after  both sides and in the middle there is a little contrast, so customers in the selection of products when a certain understanding of good, good contrast.

Laser engraving machine and laser marking machine working principle is the same, through high-strength laser beam machining, laser is not here with you recount the. Difference in the laser engraving machine is i walk the path, based on the coordinate system, through the front and rear X, Y, move around, to achieve the perfect combination with the laser beam; laser marking machine, they do not take the path directly galvanometer is at work, the efficiency of laser engraving machine a few times, but the only drawback is the small laser marking machine marking range, in the range of 100 * 100, as well as bigger, but expensive.

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