Winter maintenance remind laser tube

Winter maintenance remind laser tube

Laser engraving machine uses the familiar customers are aware of the laser tube is the core part of the laser machine. The relationship between the laser tube to the normal use of the machine. The onset of winter, the weather is co2 laser engraving machine getting cold, laser tube laser engraving machine maintenance has become an important part. Machine downtime over three hours or working space below freezing temperatures continue, please laser tube water release. Prevent freezing of water caused by the laser tube laser tube rupture. In order to avoid unnecessary losses please pay special attention to the new and old customers.
Notes laser engraving machine

1, the use of auto-focus, pay attention to the automatic measuring rod must be tightened focus, otherwise the work surface to the top of the laser.
2, laser engraving machine at work, prohibit open the cover.
3, open smoke when working, blowing smoke devices.
4, processing of wood, paper, must pay attention to the processing speed in order to avoid fire.
5, the initial user to be red light positioning irregular processing.
6, processing of thin wood, when volatility materials, to adjust the amplitude water for little more than 1mm.
7 When cutting, the workpiece holder to use more than 2 cm away from the table.
8, clean the lens and the focal length of the lens reflection: two finger pinch reflex lenses. The other hand and hold the camera lens cleaning paper co2 laser engraver  to clean the lens.
9, the amount is usually carved file, the resolution should be higher, carving point Chen file, the resolution should choose a little low.
Laser engraving machine Winter Maintenance

Our main products include laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, fabric cutting machine cutting leather, automotive supplies, laser cutting machine, laser plate-making machine, marble shadow carving machine, frame laser cutting machine, laser marking machine series of eight types of industrial equipment . After entering the November weather is getting cold, recently there will be a large area of the northern region of rain and snow. Laser engraving machine freezing winter maintenance is indispensable, user laser engraving machine ushered in an important question – how to prevent the laser tube is cracking. Here we introduce you to a laser engraving machine maintenance and winter maintenance.

Laser engraving machine laser tube cracking is a common problem encountered by users every winter north for winter conservation issues on how the laser tube, wood laser engraving machine laser experts put forward three proposals:

(1) Note that the indoor temperature, not below 0 degrees, with particular attention to the night temperature, keep the indoor temperature is not below freezing threshold.

(2) If the indoor temperature can not be controlled, after a day’s work can be completed in the circulating water blowing laser tube to prevent freezing. Note also that before the next work to ensure flak circulating water.

(3) keep the circulating water clean. Recycled water use laser tube pure pure water or mineral water, but due to various aspects, many customers choose to do water circulating water, acrylic laser engraving the experts said that if the use of tap water, you need to change the water regularly to ensure that water is clean.

If you want to avoid the cold weather and the excitation laser tube cracking issues such as laser processing equipment within ourselves, we must pay attention to the above three questions.

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