Why don’t the YAG laser cutting machine for cutting thick plate

At present, the heavy industry of thick plate the processing requirements are higher, there are a lot of customers will often make a phone call to consult about 20 thick coin material cutting laser cutting machine how many money, but of laser cutting machine can only be produced by wuhan high energy laser processing within 12 thick metal coin.So can’t satisfy the cutting of thick plate, is this why?

Domestic maximum power of 850 w solid laser cutting machine (commonly known as “YAG laser cutting machine”), within 12 mm maximum cutting thickness of carbon steel, stainless steel within 10 mm.Can’t processing plate there are the following factors;

1. YAG laser cutting machine power is not big enough, if you want to processing thick plate, generally need to 5 kw to carry on the processing of high power laser, even can processing, cutting effect is not very ideal.However the other point due to the domestic technology co., LTD., solid state laser of the country’s largest power is 850 w.

2. Because the cutting seam is continuous cooling nozzle of oxygen flow, reduce the temperature of the cutting edge: on the other hand, the combustion of ferrous oxide layer covering the surface of workpiece, hinder the diffusion of oxygen, concentration of oxygen when reduced to a certain extent, the combustion process will be put out.The quasi steady state combustion process be difficult to maintain.Metal laser cutting machine in the process of the actual cutting, can cut through the thickness is limited, which is closely related to the cutting edge iron not stable combustion.Combustion process to continue, at the top of the kerf width must achieve ignition temperature.Alone iron oxygen combustion reaction of energy released, actually cannot ensure that the combustion process continues.

3. The thickness direction of the oxygen purity and difficult to maintain constant pressure, the purity of oxygen flow has a strong influence on cutting process, when the purity of oxygen flow down 0. 9%, iron oxide in burning rate will fall by 10%;A fall of 5% purity, burning rate will decline by 37%.Plate cutting metal laser cutting machine, the oxygen purity drop also is the important factor affecting the quality of incision.

Above points, we can clearly see, if you want to thick plate cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine or small power needs to be improved, suggest you can seek advice of high power CO2 laser cutting machine.

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