Why did you want to add wood cnc router machine dustproof device

wood cnc router machine.First clear the nature of work like a good buy engraving machine is what function, do not think you can buy engraving machine dry all live, the engraving machine manufacturers into a variety of models, is to deal with a variety of different processing task.

For example, you buy a mold-class engraving machine to carve color plates, or buy a large engraving machine to carve seals, which are causing huge waste, but it will not get good results. Similarly you buy ad-class mold engraving machine to do, you may simply not competent.

So before you purchase, be sure to fully explain their sales staff to do the work content, including the size of the workpiece material material, material thickness, weight, eventually carving effect and requirements, CNC router machine etc.

2. Select the appropriate model for the first time to purchase a small advertising sign shop, the main production of three-dimensional characters light board, the word crystal, color plates, badges and other purposes, should buy advertising level, but also on further refinement in the machine configuration as the main job of color plates, you must configure the floating heads.

Because it ensures that the color word big time carving board layout the same depth, but mainly used to cut plexiglass crystal word, it is necessary and larger optional 800W power of the spindle. Otherwise, use low-power high-precision spindle long do heavy work, it will accelerate bearing wear, loss of accuracy.

3, try before you buy carved engraving machine, in order to ensure your return on investment, should be allowed to purchase before sales or by your own hands, you usually do for a living carving trial. Meanwhile computing efficiency, observe the results, and fully test machine performance, truly aware of.

Wood cutting cnc router machine MT-C25B
This woodworking machine is wood CNC router machine economical type which with whole steel structure.

a.Adopting advanced DSP system, easy to learn and operate.

b.Y spindle adopts double motors to drive

c.High strength steel tube jointing.

d.It divided into 6 vacuum table-board.

e.With dust collect and vacuum table .

Why did you want to add wood cnc router machine dustproof device

Why did you want to add wood cnc router machine dustproof device has the following main reasons?:

To do a good job on the line to go engraving machine integrated governance, fundamentally eliminate dust pollution.

From the start of production equipment, use of advanced machinery and equipment and reasonable, supplemented by some dust, dust measure. However, under current conditions, the most effective measure or choose dedusting equipment. Select dedusting equipment operation to consider the nature of the required site cleanup levels and dust and so on.

For large and medium-sized wood dust wood dust can collect on-site in a timely manner, wood carving cnc router machine and for the most damaging of all kinds of fine type of wood dust, aggressive and effective method is the use of pneumatic dust collection device or bag to collect cleaning equipment.

Additional stand-alone machine itself can dust extraction and collection devices, it is worth noting that at present there is no means large-scale cleaning equipment manufacturers. Can also play a good effect.

For security reasons, operating workers to wear protective glasses and a dust mask, in order to maintain the eyes and the respiratory organs, especially the occurrence of fine wood dust type engraving machine tool operations workers should wear masks large, to prevent dust damage.

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