When we are faced with wood CNC router machine various problems, not a hurried panic

wood CNC router machine automatic fault reset or stop midway solution carving.Computer router machine as the name suggests is a computer-controlled CNC router machinery and equipment, in the engraving process is fully automated workpiece.

So in the daily processing of actual engraving, computer router machine and sometimes improper operation, there will automatically reset, engraving spindle back to mechanical origin, or have stopped halfway moment, clepsydra, carve fault problem, then, in the face of these unexpected question, how do wood CNC router machine we solve it?

When we are faced with wood CNC router machine various problems, not a hurried panic, but to be analyzed according to the state in question, nothing more than the control panel, network cable is loose, motherboard, unreliable and slight ground wire high voltage fight fire and other problems caused by the fault. Faced with these problems, we should each inspection excluded.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B mainly used for 3d works. Like wood furniture, wood door, wood cabinet, pvc board, acrylic sheets etc.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B equipment:

(1) 1300X2500mm work size, stepper motor

(2) 4.5KW water cooling spindle

(3) DSP hand controller( easy to learn and operate)

(4)Rack gear transmission, Z ball screw

(5) Taiwan imported square orbit, oiling systerm

(6) 6 zones vacuum table and T-slot

(7) Two bags dust collector and 5.5KW vacuum pump

(8) Ucancam V9 software

1. Check that the ground state of the machine, measuring whether the target ground (ground resistance should not exceed 5 ohms), and the need to transform the ground to be adjusted until the relevant standards.

2. Check for loose cable connections, or the control panel buttons bad phenomenon.

3. Check whether the machine where there is strong electric magnetic jamming.

4. check the computer has not set a screen saver or power saving mode (such as system sleep or shut down the hard drive, etc.), if there is the set, we should manually cancel the settings above, to “never.”

5. The software is set up “to disable the output” or not set parameters such as sculpture.

6. Check whether the original graphic errors, such as a graphic cross, not closed, lack of strokes, and we should take the initiative to correct the error in the graph, and then re-output test.

7. The use Wentai output, you need to see whether the normal CNC router machine route calculation. If not a normal phenomenon exists, then we can re-register or install Wentai, sometimes need to reinstall the entire software system.

8. The graphical output to other formats without problems, then that graphical errors that need to re-export, or re-produced graphics.

9. If the operator performs the above operation after failure problem persists, then we recommend replacing the motherboard, computer, re-testing.

We know that the current computer router machine can be divided into woodworking and stone router machine router machine largest two categories according to the processing material. Although the two categories of different industries, but its operation and use are almost the same, engraving process is the same principle that works similarly.

Say different point, that is carving material selection for different spindle speeds are different. So, without affecting the quality of the premise carving how to choose the appropriate engraving spindle speed it?

1, the treatment of different carving material, we want to choose a different speed, if the higher material hardness, the lower the processing speed; when more viscous material, wood carving cnc router machine machining spindle speed is higher;

2, according to the size of the engraving tool selection, tool diameter is larger, the spindle speed should be lower;

3, according to the situation of the spindle motor, spindle motor from the power curve, we can see that when the spindle speed is reduced, the motor output power is also reduced, if the output power is reduced to a certain extent, it will affect the process, so that the tool life and workpiece ineffective;

4, according to the melting point of the material and other factors to determine, lower melting point materials, selection of rotational speed is too fast, tend to cause the material to melt away in the engraving process, and therefore, when a lower melting point material machining spindle speed should be reduced.

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