When using fiber laser cutting machine should be noted

Fiber laser cutting machine What are the advantages Cautions.When using fiber laser cutting machine should be noted that the material to be cut. Although the fiber laser cutting good cutting most materials, but it can not be used for cutting acrylic or polycarbonate material, co2 laser engraving machine but only limited applications in cutting wood or fibrous material.

At the same time, to determine when to use an optical fiber for laser cutting, the thickness of the material to be cut is a very important factor. Thicker metal laser cutting machine materials require more power cut, and in  these cases, laser cutting may not be a good choice. At this point you can just use the fiber laser mounted plasma cutting function head next.

Before fast, easy switch to plasma cutting, the operator may require the use of fiber laser cutting tolerances of thinner material. Even use two different cutting method for cutting a same part. For example, the operator may choose to use the external co2 laser cutting machine parts of plasma cutting, and laser cutting using an optical fiber internal shape.

Fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting system with ordinary carbon dioxide compared to fiber laser cutting system has many unique advantages, such as high efficiency, low maintenance cost, more convenient solution – but it is not suitable for all forms of cutting. Before selecting an integrated laser cutting solutions, consider the security issues and training matters, ordinary cutting material type and thickness, and cut quality is very important.

Advantages of laser cutting technology

Advantages and processing effect of laser cutting technology has, is the traditional cutting technology can not be achieved, in addition to the effect on the processing or the processing environment, laser cutting technology has significant advantages, more responsive to the development of society, laser cutting technology constantly updated and improved, mainly around the following three aspects, the first laser cutting unit and unmanned automation to increase productivity and labor savings, current laser cutting technology is toward Laser engraver for sale the laser cutting unit (FMC) and unmanned, automated direction development of.

This unit automation systems development, must rely on the cash automatic control, network control technology and computer assisted production management system technology. Secondly, the three-dimensional multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine, in order to meet the three-dimensional artifacts automotive, aerospace and other industries need to cut, has developed a variety of five-or six-axis three-dimensional laser cutting machine, CNC axes to nine axes processing speed, high precision.

Third, high-speed, high-precision laser cutting machine due to the improvement of high-power laser beam mode and 32-bit microcomputer applications, laser cutting equipment for high-speed, high-precision and create favorable conditions.

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