what is the greatest manufactueres of laser engraving machine in China?

Everyone want to buy cheap laser engraver from China directly to save your money.

There are a number suppliers in China, some organization provides the nice service, some firm can’t, some of them is a reseller, some is true vendors.

Some expertise about the best way to find the superior suppliers:

Key1: If the company sell even more than three sorts machine, it is a reseller.

Key2: When you get in touch with the sales man and inquire some questions about laser engravers, when they can not answer you ASAP, it’s a reseller.

Key3: In case you ask the business to provide the CE document, if they will NOT, it’s a reseller, or it’s a manufacturer with out CE document.

Key4: If a organization has many distributors on the globe, this is a fantastic companies.

Key5: HONGKONG, GUANGZHOU, SHANGHAI is just a trade city, I feel no manufacturer in this city, please clear your eyes.

Key6:They are a lot of modest laser engraver(the Model of this machine is practically ?????40A) in china, the promoting price in china is only 500 USD, but is only for engraving CHINA rubber stamp, but some supplier sell it to oversea maket with 900-1200 USD, if you buy this machine, i consider it no use:
1) It come with moshi draw or newdragon computer software, it can not cut.
two) the laser power supply is very straightforward without having protection, it is actually threatening.
3) only a bit copmany make this machine in a small town, the high quality is really a Prime difficulty.

If you wish to get this machine, let me tell you exactly where you may purchase it. it really is just about 500 USD with out service and warranty.

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